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Goutte d’Or: Trailer

Goutte d’or is a short stop animated film in development, revolving around a pirate looking for booty in the land of the dead. The director is Christophe Peladan and the film is being produced by Søren Fleng at Happy Flyfish.

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Starbucks: Crazy Beliefs

The nice animated spot produced at Green Dot is the work of Three Legged Legs. Animation: Jameson Baltes, David Do, Mike Tavarez. Design: Chuck Bb, Alex Preston, Thomas Yamaoka. Music: Stimmung. Creative Agency: BBDO, New York.

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Unicycle Joe

I’m not supposed to be yarrrrrrr!

When three kids take the seats reserved to the pirates, a series of rather nonsensical misadventure (involving a boy who had a unicycle for a leg) begins.
The short film is the work of Alan Cook and Philip Rodrigues, their graduation project at the Sheridan Institute.
Quando tre ragazzi usano le sedie [...]

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Mall of America: The Drive


Faster, mommy! Faster! They’re gonna buy all the best toys and leave us with the scum.
A nicely animated spot, the work of Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim at Yellowshed.
Presto mamma! O gli altri si comprano tutti i giocattoli belli e a noi lasciano quelli brutti.
Uno spot ottiamente animato, opera di Todd Hemker e Soyeon Kim [...]

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Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Sometimes the unexpected is just the right medicine. Especially when you’re sad.
Happy is a short film made by Vancouver Film School student Michael Lewicki.
The author says: “I wanted to keep it clean and simple with classic jokes… like the ones I grew up with (Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, Ren and Stimpy, [...]

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Les Pirates du Pelican

And you call yourselves pirates…

Our heroes, the space pirates, are coming back from their last battle, another umiliating defeat, when they shipwreck, being forced to land on an unknown planet.
What you’ll see (or you’ve seen) is the cinematic intro for the videogame Les Pirates du Pelican. Both the game and the clip have been developed [...]

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Avast, ye Scurvy Scallywags!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own boat, and sail the seven seas with the wind in your face? Perhaps not, if you’re living in an inflatable world where anything sharp could result in perilous catastrophe. (Source: CG Channel)
Pfffirate is a short animated movie realized by Xavier André (now he works [...]

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ERIC HENRY – Pirates & Emperors

‘Cause there are pirates and emperors,but they’re really the same thingwhen they go and try to reach the same endsby using the same means…

“While critics decry the United States’ current brand of military and economic imperialism as dangerously unprecedented, great powers have been throwing their weight around like schoolyard bullies since St. Augustine’s time. This [...]

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Another fine short animation from the e-magiciens of the Supinfocom. The authors of this comedic musical are: Thomas Bernos, Jérôme Haupert and Nicolas Lesaffre.
“Hernando shows different emotions. It is funny and slightly crazy. Hernando is a musical, based on old sixties MGM movies. The film is an all singing and dancing story of the Pirate [...]

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De Profundis

Down in an underwater world, a pirate bird (at least, I suppose it’s a bird) try by any means to save his treasure while everything is collapsing around him. Will he succeed?
The movie is the work of a team of student of the ESRA Sup’Infograph: Francois Coulon, Christophe Delisle, Léon Berelle (who also worked on [...]

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