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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine 2

Con tutte quelletutte quelle bollicine…

Milking a dead cow has become a widespread sport nowadays. One wonders if all the “milk” is just a collective hallucination.
Created by Jossie Malis and produced at Zumbakamera, the short has been animated by Jossie Malis and Pau Martinez.
Music by Manel Gil. Sound by Jossie Malis.
The first episode of Bendito Machine [...]

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Short & Sweet Film Challenge: Perrington Stud

The 2008 Getty Images Short & Sweet Challenge, saw ten filmmakers creating a film using visual content from the Getty’s Hulton Archive in London.
Perrington Stud is a tale of gambling and severed fingers made at Big Red Button and featuring J.M. Barrie, William Darling and Pancho Villa.
Executive producer: Basil Stephens. Ain’t been able to Google [...]

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The Moment

The future you have tomorrow won’t bethe same future you had yesterday.

Sometimes, that moment of awareness turns out to be… well, awkward to say the least…
The Moment is a short film made as a trailer for the 2008 Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart.
Written and directed by Verena Fels and Csaba Letay and produced by [...]

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The Blue Seeds – Lost and Delirious

Well, there’s a man who lives and sleep with a giant bird that hosts a projector inside, piñatas never looked so creepy, and Psyche is killing Cupid. That’s a bad trip!
The Blue Seeds are Francois Dufault, Amelie Laflamme, Marc Chartrain, Patrick Hamilton and Roger Miron. They’re based in Montreal, Canada.
Lost and Delirious is [...]

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