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HD Video available in the underneath links.

Well, the plot of the film… “Plot? It doesn’t have a plot. It’s just a robot meeting many planets with different art styles.”
Graduation work by Antonio Vicentini to conclude his degree in Design “once and for all”.
Beh, la trama del film… “Trama? Non c’è alcuna trama! Solo un robot [...]

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A cubist character is unhappily trapped in Guernica. All around her is death, fighting, and destruction; she longs to get out and immerse herself in more peaceful landscape.
“She escapes her painted world and wanders the museum for a better place to live. She visits several different paintings, but ultimately realizes that she must create her [...]

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I’ll keep digging for some old stuff, from my forum posts, as I get some things fixed…
It’s not easy when you wake up at the wrong place. It’s even worst when you’re a character in a painting.
This 3D animation by Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz is set to Duran Duran’s song The Chauffer and pays homage to [...]

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Cubic Tragedy

Come undo(ne)

Here’s a meta-referential short movie about a poligonal girl who tries her newly purchased “cosmetic” 3D editor to smoothen her own face.
It may sound like something for geeks only, but actually the short is so funny that anybody should be able to enjoy it. If you ever tried to do something with Maya or [...]

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