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Giardini di Mirò – Broken By

“The saddest kiss tells you have loved me too soon.”
Warning: graphic violence!


Can anybody make a beautiful film about something horrible? Obviously, yes. Is this the case? You be the judge.
Giardini di Mirò is a post-rock band based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, formed in 1998 and comprised of: Jukka Reverberi, Lorenzo Lanzi, Mirko Venturelli, Luca Di [...]

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Daniele Silvestri – Una giornata al mare

Better video in the underneath links. (Recommended!)


It took long, but finally, one of my favourite Italian videos is on my little bloggie…
Traveling in time (and thru television formats) you’ll spent a day at the seaside, between old laughing ladies and sweet lonely madonnas. Just to stay alive.
Daniele Silvestri is an italian singer and songwriter, from [...]

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Olympus: PEN Story

Old memories come alive and then we know.


A life told in images. That’s what all film making is about. But in this case that is literally true.
They shot 60000 pictures, developed 9600 prints and shot over 1800 pictures again.
The technique has been used many times (in the Wolf and Pig short cited by the source, [...]

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John West: Row



“The ad charts the journey of an experienced fisherman as he brings his fresh catch of fish straight from the sea to the store.”
The spot was directed by Gemma Burditt and produced by James Jeffreys at Onward.
Post produced at 422 Manchester. Editor: Andy Hunwick. Director of photography: Alex Ryle.
Creative agency: Cheethambell JWT. Creative director: Andy [...]

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ART GROOTFONTEIN – Snap!shots of the Year

It’s a wonderful file!

I guess I’m a little bit late at the party, but lately I’m late at all parties, and hence I guess that’s OK.
So, join “Stanley Portobello, the famous but discreet spyparazzi! Although he had a lot of hard work to do, he never lost his artistic sense of espionage.”
A short film by [...]

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Snap!shots of the Year: Animatic


DOWNLOAD (720×480): Scarica Snap!shots of the Year: Animatic in alta risoluzione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 22 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (720×480): Scarica Snap!shots of the Year: Animatic in alta risoluzione.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 13 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
IMAGE GALLERY: Immagini e filmati di Snap!shots of the Year: Animatic su Behance.

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GIANNA RUGGIERO – Gretel & Hanzel

Gretel is seeking her brother Hänsel in the woods. The outcome might not please her. Or maybe yes…
The short movie is the work of Gianna Ruggiero, her graduation film at the Ringling College of Art.
The magnificent soundtrack is Ground Stump by the folk metal band O’Death.
Gretel è in cerca di suo fratello Hänsel nei boschi. [...]

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Matan Atias – Void

A slow paced music video inspired to the ’70s that combines 3D animation and live footage.
Directed and animated by Barach Zevolun.
Video musicale dal ritmo lento ispirato agli anni 70 che combina 3D ed immagini dal vivo.
Diretto ed animato da Barach Zevolun.

© 2009

DOWNLOAD (720×404): Scarica Void in alta risoluzione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 55 MB - Running [...]

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Jan Saudek. Animated Photographs.

Warning: nudity

Short experimental movie about love, betrayal, death, an animated film created by Tadas Svilainis using photos by Jan Saudek.
“I scanned stills from photo album, cut images into layers with Photoshop and animate them in After Effects”, the author said.
If the concept of animated photographs doesn’t satisfy your daily need for oxymora, well… what about [...]

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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Spy

Pornography starring your mother will be thesecond worst thing that happens to you today.

“He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You’re dead. For he is the Spy — globetrotting rogue, lady killer [...]

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Scoop Volante

Les Aliens Sont Parmis Nous

Shooting a photograph of an alien being might be much easier than you thought.
Scoop Volante is a short film made for the Les espoirs de l’animation contest organized by Canal J.
The authors are: Axelle Chériet, Marc Bouyer, Anthony Vivien and Max Loubaresse, students of Supinfocom.
The title is a pun on the [...]

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You know I’m lost without you.

It is sad to lose somebody you love. But perhaps it’s even sadder to find him again. Or maybe not.
Lost and Found is a short film by Filip Piskorzynski starring Eve Dufaud, Maxime Mallet and Alix Lieury.
The film was shot in October 2008 during the Kino Kabaret, between Paris, La [...]

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Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

And the firemen worked in double shiftsWith prayers for rain on their lipsAnd they knew it was only a matter of time.

Lesson learned: even when you’ve lost everything a man can lose, you still got something. Oh, and also: don’t throw your lit cigarette in the wild.
Grapevine Fires is a song written by Ben Gibbard, [...]

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CARLOS LASCANO – Inspiration

I know you know…

Erm, don’t know what to write here, uh, let’s see. Now, you may think I’m pretending ’cause the film is about writer’s block, but I really don’t know…
The short has been produced, directed and animated by Carlos Lascano. Actor: Bernardo Casali.
“The film was made by editing in Final Cut Pro a series [...]

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EGOR ABRAMENKO – Polaroid Love


The world seems to be more beautiful seen while listening to Starless, or thru the eyes of the one you love. Or, perhaps, thru the lens of a Polaroid camera.
Polaroid Love is a short movie written and directed by Egor Abramenko, previously here with The Collector.
Cast: Yaroslav Zhalnin, Natalia Rusinova, Aleksey Bochenin, Ivan Sokolov, Olga [...]

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