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SimCity Creator: Secret World

Create. Enjoy. Destroy.

As a young boy peers through the glass of his mother’s car, he sees a city unfold and build before his eyes: “eggs rain down from the sky and hatch into fire-breathing dragons, while spiked balls crash upon the highway, narrowly missing his car.”
The spot has been directed by Peter Sluszka and produced [...]

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Weight Watchers: History of Dieting

Give it up!

“Centuries of fad diets and failed weight loss schemes. Using a combination of paper-cut out, traditional stop-motion, computer animation, live action, and stock footage, we quickly move from William The Conqueror’s famous liquid diet to more current crazes like The Atkins Diet and the Maple Syrup Diet.”
The spot has been directed by Peter [...]

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Crest: Puppets

A smile is yours to share.

“Set in the backstage area of a theater after hours, two puppets awaken and begin a silent exchange of hand holding and long looks. In the spirit of sharing, one puppet shows how much he cares by offering his smile to the other. Love reigns, marionette style, in this sweet [...]

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Midnight Spank: Sand

Stoopid monkey!!!

A monkey is making some sand sculpture, while the other one particularly enjoy to abuse it…
The two reckless monkeys are featured in a series of commercials directed by Peter Sluszka and created to launch G4’s Midnight Spank night programming block.
This is the first time Peter Sluszka is featured on this blog as a director. [...]

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KANYE WEST – Heard `em Say

Hurts, but it might be the only way.

This is the third (and last?) music video for this song, if we count the “In-Studio live” version together with the one animated by Bill Plympton that you can try to watch here!
This clip is directed by our beloved Michel Gondry and produced by Partizan. The stop [...]

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PES – Coinstar

Do you remember your childhood? You ask mommy what are money for, and she tells you that money would transform in all those nice things that you used to like?Did you think she was fooling you?
In this commercial, directed by PES (real name: Adam Pesapane) and animated by Ivan Abel and Peter Sluszka, the magic [...]

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Devendra Banhart – A Ribbon

Ribbons around the fumes, we’ll be sleeping soon

A blood-red ribbon floats through a surreal environment in this haunting video.
Directed by Michel Gondry and Lauri Faggioni, with animation by Peter Sluszka, editing by Charlie Johnston at Lost Planet: the same team that worked on Steriogram’s Walkie Talkie Man. It premiered at the MOMA in January, 2005.
Special [...]

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STERIÖGRAM – Walkie-Talkie Man

Last night at the show we saw himGoing out of his tree

Music promo from Michel Gondry, director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the best movie i’ve seen since Memento.
From the video treatment: “The walls, the furniture, the instruments, the recording equipment, even the camera is created out of yarn and wool… As the [...]

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