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PES – Roof Sex

Quoting from IMDB: “…this is like a furniture porno film [...] who in the world would LIKE to see furniture doing this?!” You gotta be kidding…

The film is the work of Adam Pesapane AKA the one and only PES. The old lady in the final scene is played by Michael Hannigan.

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Roof Sex: Making of

A short video (but longer than the film itself) about the making of PES‘ first short film.

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PES – Pee-Nut

Here’s another twisted film from the twisted mind of PES. Edited by: Sam Welch at Homestead Editorial Inc.

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PES – Fireworks

I actually hate fireworks, mostly because where I live you have to suffer their bang boom bang almost any night. But I would mind if they were so cool as in this short film by PES.

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PES – Western Spaghetti

The movie has been written and directed by PES. Animation by PES and Javan Ivey. Editor: Sam Welch. Produced by: Sarah Phelps.

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Washington State Lottery: Together

The reds and the yellows are finally together. Who and why, you might ask. Never mind I shall say.

Here’s the new stop animated spot by PES, available in shiny full HD. Creative agency: Cole & Weber United.

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Orange: Hide N Seek

A commercial produced at Indipendent and directed by PES. Editing by Tim Fullford at Cut + Run, post production made at The Moving Picture Company. Animators: Brian Demoskoff and Tim Allen.
After having delighted us with retro gaming, PES offers us a glance at secret habits of the socks. Yes. They actually plays hide and seek! [...]

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PES – Game Over

The amazing PES reenact Centipede, Pac Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, and other classic videogames in his signature style. The short is an Atom Films Studio release.
PES is based in Harlem, New York. His first animated film, Roof Sex, became an overnight phenomenon and was featured at nearly 100 film festivals worldwide. Since then, PES has [...]

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PES – Coinstar

Do you remember your childhood? You ask mommy what are money for, and she tells you that money would transform in all those nice things that you used to like?Did you think she was fooling you?
In this commercial, directed by PES (real name: Adam Pesapane) and animated by Ivan Abel and Peter Sluszka, the magic [...]

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