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In the dark interstices between our memories and our feelings, obscure fantasies and fears creep and grow, parasites of our wild imagination.

Between is a short film by Tim Bollinger. Director of photography: Daniel Meinl. Sound Design: Michael Fakesch. Cast: Robert Schwartz, Ulla Stotz, Leo Stotz, Linus Lomenick.

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More 4: Ken Russell Season

The spot shows recreations of scenes from from films by the controversial British director Ken Russell.
It has been directed by Siri Bunford and produced by Louise Oliver in house at Channel Four.
Editor: Xavier Perkins. Director of photography: Bob Pendar-Hughes.
Creatives: Ben Edwards and Siri Bunford. Art Director: Adam Zoltowski.
Lo spot mostra il rifacimento di scene tratte [...]

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Anberlin – Feel Good Drag

Everybody’s tired of someone

When the water comes out black from your tap, well, that’s not a good sign I guess…
Anberlin is an alternative rock band from the United States, formed in 2002 and led by Stephen Christian.
Feel Good Drag originally appeared on their second album, Never Take Friendship Personal, and was re-recorded for their fourth [...]

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BEN IB – Peeping Tommy

Ben Ib’s take on 70s sexploitation flicks. A security guard is peeping into an office where the boss and his three gorgeous secretaries are… doing stuff!
Don’t know if this is supposed to be a viral or just a short movie, or a rejected music video (who could?) or something else. Actually, I don’t care that [...]

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