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Indeed, this spot have a point, there a pair of things that are better in couple than each on their own. But perhaps the magic number is three.

Anyway, back to the matter. This uber cute spot has been made by Friends with You and creative agency US Sydney.

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Eat Real. Eat Local.

Looks like a typical Canadian family dinner.


The short film explains what is happening to the food system of Canada (as any other highly “developed” country) and why you should care more about what you eat.
The infomercial has been directed by Steve Gordon (live action) and Crush (animation). Produced by Kate Dale at Sons and Daughters [...]

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Petits Pois / Carottes


When a group of newly hatched flies fight over a little pea, we find out how stupid animals would be if they acted just like we humans.
The short movie is the work of Cédric Berthier, Jean-Sébastien Leroux and Maximilien Royo, the students of EESA who already brought you L’ame seule.
Quando un gruppo di giovani mosche [...]

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