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MTV: Senseless

The crazy spot is the work of Cassiano Prado and Oway Lau. Character design: Donna Wilson. Stop animation: Tony Farquhar-Smith.

Director of photography: Duncan Telford. 3d animation: Alfredo Hisa. Sound design: Paulo Beto.

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CISMA – Le sens propre

Oh darling, please don’t eat the yellow snow.

A beautiful short movie where a girl (Mariana Emerick) and her mother (Bete Correia) live in a world where what you see is not what you mean. But still what you get.
Part of the campaign The Shortcut To Brilliant developed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Adobe Creative [...]

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Levis 501

The history of the jeans in pop culture, from King Kond to James Bond, with lots of blood, and some ketchup. A dangerous story, isn’t it?
Images: Lobo. Sound: Paulo Beto.
La storia dei jeans nella cultura pop, da King Kong a James Bond, con mucchi di sangue ed un po’ di ketchup. Una storia pericolosa, [...]

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Shot in Brazil and post produced in Barcelona, Handmade “makes use of unusual symbols to describe how one feels at the beginning and at the end of a relationship.”
The movie has been directed by Denis Kamioka AKA Cisma. Produced by Cisma and Boolab. Written by Cisma and Herbert Baglione. Assistant director: Plinio Higuti.
Director of photography: [...]

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Resfest 10: Brasil

Well conceived and well done is this short animation for the Brazilian event of ResFest 10, held in São Paulo in 2007.
The clip was produced at Birdo Studio. Design and concept: Rafael Grampá.
Animation directed by Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet. Animation: Gustavo Teixeira and Rafael Gallardo.
Compositing: Luciana Eguti. Sound design: Paulo Beto. Executive producers: [...]

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Reality is shattering, going in pieces. In Berlin. Well, not only there actually.
Electrelane’s a band from Brighton, England, comprised of Verity Susman, Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke, Ros Murray.
In Berlin is their latest single, released for The Beggars Group, even though they seem to be on hyatus.
The video was directed by Cassiano Prado. Art director: [...]

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An earlier work from the author of Tyger, Into Pieces (Aos Pedaços) deals with things that really make you lose your marbles!
The short has been directed by Guilherme Marcondes, based on illustrations by Daniel Bueno. Sound design by Paulo Beto. Produced at Lobo.
Lavoro precedente dell’autore di Tyger, Into Pieces (Aos Pedaços) parla di cose [...]

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Tyger tyger, burning bright,In the forest of the night…

Amazyng short movie directed and edited by Guilherme Marcondes and based on the poem The Tyger by William Blake that uses a mix of puppetry and animation.
“A giant jungle cat roams the city and transforms the urban jungle of São Paulo into an actual one, illuminating everything [...]

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