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Extraordinary Bird Life: Penguins


“Monty Python star Terry Jones spent two months on the frozen plains of Argentina, following the migration trails of a small group of Adelie Penguins, as they migrated north to the rain forests of Uruguay and Brazil.”
Penguins was released on April Fool’s Day to promote BBC iPlayer. It was directed by Vince Squibb (real life [...]

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Bravia Paint: Behind the Scenes

70000 litres of enviromentally friendly paint,622 bottle bombs, 330 m of steel pipe, 455 mortars,57 km of copper wire, 1700 detonators.Colour like no other.

Another blast from the past, the second Bravia commercial, actually not as succesful as the first one. But now that number three is coming (New York + claymation + bunnies = cooooool?) [...]

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Skoda Fabia: Cake

Full of lovely stuff.

Cake. And cream, and cherrytops, and everything you know it’s needed to make a nice car… Car?!?
Cake is a commercial directed by Chris Palmer at Gorgeous Enterprises. Edited by Paul Watts at The Quarry.
Special effects (that is the whole car…) made at Pennicott Payne. Creative agency: Fallon.
Torta. E panna, e ciliegine, e [...]

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