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Another fine piece created by Patrick Boivin, for all Star Wars fans out there but not only for them. The sound track is Bible School by Blithe Field.

When he was a kid, there were two things Patrick wanted badly and never got: a real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker. Now he has them; that is, he has something that is both.

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Iron Baby is a short film by Patrick Boivin starring his little daughter Marguerite as a sized down but yet powerful version of Iron Man.

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Nexus One: Ninja’s Unboxing

Three ninjas unbox the new cellphone from Google the way they know better. Reminds me somewhat of International Karate +.

The spot has been directed and animated by Patrick Boivin. Sound and Music: Eric Pfalzgraf.

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The Future of Air Travel

The short film was made for Phylactère Cola, a TV show that aired between 2001 and 2003 in Canada.

The authors: Daniel Boulanger, Yves Baril, Steve Landry, Edouard Tremblay, Martin Giraldeau, Francis Lauzon, Éric Pfalzgraf, Patrick Boivin, Jocelyn Simard AKA Strob.

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PATRICK BOIVIN – Jackson vs Bean

The short film has been masterfully animated by Patrick Boivin. Could you imagine Transformers 3 entirely in stop animation and directed by this guy?

The missile visual effects is the work of Strob. The song is Cause is the way by DJ4Joy.

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Yet another more manifestation of the Dancing Transformer meme, this one in stop motion, the work of Patrick Boivin.
The song is Crystal Castle’s Vanished.
Ancora un’altra manifestazione del meme del Transformer ballerino, stavolta in stop motion, opera di Patrick Boivin.
Il brano è Vanished dei Crystal Castle.

DOWNLOAD (1280×720): Scarica Bumble Bee Boy in alta definizione HD720p.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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PATRICK BOIVIN: Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Hi-yah! Dragon whips his tail!

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man challenges Lee Jun-Fan AKA Bruce Lee: who’s the real thing?
But not everything is what it seems, and some other little friends will curtly join the party.
A stop motion shortie by Patrick Boivin.
Tony Stark alias Iron Man sfida Lee Jun-Fan alias Bruce Lee: chi è il vero [...]

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PATRICK BOIVIN – Condoms are Bad

Some people (let’s not say names: Pope Benedict XVI AKA Darth Ratzinger AKA Pope Vicious) says that condoms are bad.
What would Jesus say? And: what brand he’d use? That Jesus guy kicks ass.
A short stop animated skit by Patrick Boivin.
Certa gente (non facciamo nomi: Papa Benedetto XVI alias Darth Ratzinger alias Pope Vicious) dice che [...]

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The tale of Victor who recently moved into a charming little country home.

“A tale as old as the world itself, a tale of hatred, the kind which comes from fear, which in turn takes roots from ignorance and foolishness.”
A short movie made by Patrick Boivin with 9 other persons, for the canadian TV show called [...]

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