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The Beatles Rock Band: Outro

The clip for The Beatles Rock Band has been written and directed by Pete Candeland and produced at Passion Pictures. The song is The End, from the album Abbey Road.

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Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom

Happy Kingdom is a spot for Coke directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Debbie Crosscup at Passion.

Creative agency: Ogilvy Argentina. Creatives: Gastón Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean.

Crew at Passion: Jason Nicholas, Neil Riley, Julian Hodgson, Mario Ucci, Doug Lassance, Kevin Dart and many more…

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The Beatles Rock Band

Great cinematic for The Beatles Rock Band, directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Debbie Crosscup at Passion Pictures. Soundtrack: A Hard Day’s Night, Paperback Writer, Here Comes the Sun, I am the Walrus.

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Rock Band 2: Hello There

Would you like to do a number with me?

“Building on their previous success working with Passion Pictures’ director Pete Candeland, Harmonix invited him to helm the trailer for Rock Band 2“.
Writers: Pete Candeland, Lee Gingold, Giles Dill. Produced: Anna Lord. Head of Computer Graphics: Jason Nicholas.
Motion capture: Audiomotion Studios Ltd. Facial capture: Image Metrics. Telecine: [...]

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Time to Fly: Two Worlds

A celebration of color and beautiful images

“A weary business traveler leaves a mundane, monotonous black and white world and enters a fantasy of color…”
Produced at Passion Pictures, the spot for United “combines two different and distinctive animation styles created by directors SSSR, a Norwegian and Japanese team, who was responsible for the monochromatic world that [...]

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BBC Olympics: Monkey

Nell’Oriente misteriosoC’è un brigante generosoMonkeyCon le fide sue scimmietteDei potenti si fa beffeMonkey…

A retelling of the great Chinese classical novel, Hsiyu-chi (Journey to the West) who also inspired Osamu Tezuka’s Goku no daiboken and the characted of Son Goku from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball.
The spot has been directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced at Passion [...]

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Extraordinary Bird Life: Penguins


“Monty Python star Terry Jones spent two months on the frozen plains of Argentina, following the migration trails of a small group of Adelie Penguins, as they migrated north to the rain forests of Uruguay and Brazil.”
Penguins was released on April Fool’s Day to promote BBC iPlayer. It was directed by Vince Squibb (real life [...]

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Oxfam: Roar

Be Humankind!

Talking about justice, here’s a way to fight injustice: just mix equal parts Ghostbusters and Care Bears. Serve cool.
The spot was directed by SSSR at Passion Pictures. Animation and visual effects done in house. Director of photography: Mark Chamberlain. Editors: Klaus Heinecke, Jaime Rubio, Tim King. Post produced at Munky and The Mill.
The Be [...]

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Guitar Hero 2: Hero

She’s a woman, you know what I mean.

So, if you want to avoid the impact of an asteroid with the Earth, all you have to do is pretending you’re playing a guitar.
The spot was directed by Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures for creative agency McCann Worldgroup, San Francisco.
Sound design by Stephen Dewey at Machine Head. [...]

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MIKA – Lollipop

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,Or love’s gonna get you down

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf when you can have all the candy in the world?
Mica Penniman AKA Mika, is a Lebanese born, London based singer and songwriter.
Lollipop is featured on his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion and was released as a single [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Electro

Some things in music have yet to be explored.

While bluesmen, rappers and rockers are standing on their islands, the electro crew is heading on a boat for the promised land of music.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you [...]

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Clorox: Turtle

Whitey white!

A giant turtle’s sneeze causes a chain reaction which, in the end… Oh wait. There is no giant turtle, in the first place…
A commercial for some detergent, directed by Russell Brooke at Passion Pictures (animation) and by Andy Fogwill at Landia (live action) for creative agency Dieste Harmel Partners.
Lo starnuto di una tartaruga gigante [...]

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Rock Band: Highway Star

Here’s a fast paced, high octane, road tour realized as the opening cinematic for Rock Band, the follow up to Guitar Hero. Featuring Deep Purple’s Highway Star.

The animation has been realized by Pete Candeland with Anna Lord at Passion Pictures. Artistic direction by Ryan Lesser at Harmonix.

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SIRI MELCHIOR – The Dog who was a Cat Inside

This is a classic, but I’ve found this nice high resolution version, and like to share it.
The Dog Who Is a Cat Inside is a special animal. The dog and cat live together in the same body, but this causes conflict. They learn that only by resolving their differences and working together can they [...]

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Becks: Four Steps

In this commercial produced by Blink for Beck’s beer, Dougal Wilson employs 2D animation, stop-frame animation, a marionette and live action to convey the four steps that go into the final product.
Creative agency: Leo Burnett. Post production has been made at Passion Pictures.
Dougal Wilson was recently featured here with another ad, Work and Play and [...]

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