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Bubble Sex

Gonna get strange eggs this Easter. At least it what you’d argue by this strange video directed by Valerie Pirson at Partizan. Music by the non existent Disco Chicken Project (actually The Seebach Band).

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Melissa Laveaux – Ulysses

Mélissa Michelle Marjolec Laveaux is an Ottawa (Canada) singer and songwriter of Haitian descent. She is signed to NoFormat.

Ulysses is a single from her 2006 debut album, entitled Camphor & Copper.

The music video has been directed by Bastien Roger and produced at Partizan.

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Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratories is a short film, produced at Partizan by Bonnie Anthony, directed by Chris Cairns and featuring The Scratch Perverts, Foreign Beggars, Shlomo and Will Clark.

Director of photography: Luke Palmer. Editor: Joe Randall-Cutler. Sound Designer and Mixer: Will Cohen. Post production: Partizan and The Mill.

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Archangel – Do it Again

In the morning you go gunningFor the man who stole your waterAnd you fire till he is done inBut they catch you at the border….


Follow the ludicrous adventures of a tiny post it man. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word “ludicrous”…)
Do it Again, a cover of Steely Dan’s song, is a single by [...]

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HTC: Set Your Fingers Free

Of the clips I collected, this is surely the most similar to the Cornelius one. Maybe too much? I still like it, anyway…
The spot was directed by Michael Gracey and Pete Commins and produced at Partizan. Music by Jeff Beal.
Executive Producer: Isabella Parish. Producer: Jenny Beckett. Director of photography: Frank Flick.
Visual effects produced at Baby [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Jazz

In the history of hazz, a few names stand out. Like Miles, Thelonious and Katrina.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series of spots.
Directed by Victor Haegelin and produced at Partizan. The song is Canal [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Funk

Exorcism gets demons out of a body. Funk does just the opposite. Sexual innuendos are totally intended.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you the whole series of spots.
Directed by Geoffroy de Crecy and produced at Partizan. The [...]

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Kaiser Chiefs – Good Days And Bad Days

Pixilation party!
The Kaiser Chiefs are Ricky Wilson, Andrew White, Simon Rix, Nick Baines, Nick Hodgson.
Good Days Bad Days is the second single from Kaiser Chiefs‘ third album, Off With Their Heads.
The music video has been directed by Alexandre Courtes (of Alex and Martin) and produced at Partizan.
Pixilation party!
I Kaiser Chiefs sono Ricky Wilson, Andrew [...]

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Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine

This video is so nice and not nasty at all…
Caravan Palace is what you get when three electronic musicians with a crush on jazz music meet.
The music video has been directed by Victor Haegelin and produced by Olivier Bassuet at Partizan Midi Minuit.
Director of Photography: Fabien Drouet. Animators: Elène Cardi and Dorian Gaudin. Set [...]

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NAGI NODA – World of Steam

Rest in peace.

Directed by Nagi Noda and produced at Partizan. Creative agency: BBH, New York.
Editor: Akiko Iwakawa at Final Cut. Visual effects company: Absolute, New York. Music: Human. Sound Design: Sound Lounge.
Diretto da Nagi Noda e prodotto presso Partizan. Agenzia creativa: BBH, New York.
Montaggio: Akiko Iwakawa presso Final Cut. Effetti visivi: Absolute di New York. [...]

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The Streets – Everything is Borrowed

I came to this world with nothingand I leave with nothing but loveeverything else is just borrowed.

To carry the chance back home, all you need, I guess, is… Uh… A home? Yes, a home.
Mike Skinner, best known by his stage name The Streets, is a rapper from Birmingham, England.
Everything is Borrowed is the first single [...]

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Bajofondo – Pa` bailar

A widow learns that tango can put her back on her feet in a moment. But you need a good beauty parlor for some pedicures.
Bajofondo (formerly Bajofondo Tango Club) is a South American music band. Members are: Gustavo Santaolalla, Juan Campodónico, Luciano Supervielle, Martín Ferrés, Verónica Loza, Javier Casalla, Gabriel Casacuberta, Adrián Sosa.
Pa’ bailar [...]

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Visa: Running Man

Life Flows Better…

This is harsh. I’ll tell you little by little. It’s about a man. A man running. Running naked. A man running, naked, in socks! And he holds a credit card too…
The spot has been directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Editor: Bill Smedley at Work.
Post production by Wes at The Mill. Sound [...]

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Orange: Fish


Where the fish eventually leaves the bowl and discover the immensity of the oceans.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet also directed this spot, produced at Partizan. Creative agency: Marcel, Paris. Visual effects: BUF.
Nel quale il pesce, infine, lascia la sua boccia e scopre la vastità degli oceani.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet è anche il regista di [...]

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Honda: Problem Playground

Isn’t every problem a playground?

The “clever and optimistic new ad for Honda, celebrating the car maker’s passion for problem solving and introducing the Honda FCX Clarity, the firts hydrogen powered, zero emissions car.”
The spot was directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Creatives: Sam Heath and Frank Ginger at Wieden & Kennedy, London.
Post production [...]

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