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Nike: Conversations from the Inside

The clip, starring Nicola Sanders, is one in a series of fives online films made for Nike Women in 2008. And the moral of the story is: just because you can’t jump it doesn’t mean you can’t win.

The spot has been directed by Nieto and produced at Paranoid US. Director of Photography: Antoine Gallais Billaud. Sound: X-Track. Post Production: Digital District. Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

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Made for Each Other: Circles

Running around

Story about a small yellow circle who feels like a misfit in the green world around him.
The spot has been directed by Romain Segaud and produced at Paranoid.
The song is Color the World by Rabbit!, that is Ashton Allen and Devin Moore.
Storia di un cerchio giallo che si sente emarginato nel mondo verde che [...]

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Little Dragon – After the Rain

‘cause all at once air so thinAnd there’s nothing left to breath in.

Seeing things like that after the rain gives a whole new meaning to the term acid rain.
After the Rain is featured on Little Dragon’s debut album, as well as the previously featured song Twice.
Music video directed by François Vogel and produced [...]

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Sprint: City Lights

…in less than a second!

Another light doodle commercial for Sprint, it appeared a bit before Monsters of Nascar.
Directed by Nieto and Marc Wilikins at Paranoid US. Direct. of photography: Marc Wilkins. Animators: Nieto, Taik Lee, Jason Brubaker. Editor: Justin Fong.
Colorist: Sean Coleman at Company 3. Post production made at BUF and Demiurge. Creative agency: Goodby, [...]

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BERINGER: Vineyard

How to get to Napa Valley.

And now you know what made Pink Bullets‘ video came back to my mind: wine! :D
This sweet commercial has been realized (directing, editing and visual effects) by Olivier Gondry at Paranoid US. Animators: Len Burge, Mike Mayfield, Ben Zelkowitz, Sam Winkler, Emile Gondry. Paper artist: Su Blackwell.
Director of photography: Neil [...]

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Belvedere: Meteor

Thrown like a star in my vast sleepI opened my eyes to take a peepTo find that I was by the seaGazing with tranquility.

Many thanks to Mato Atom for the link to his latest work, where you learn that by getting drunk with Belvedere Vodka, you can see half-naked women walking on water and many [...]

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Epuron: Potential

His Potential is Ours.

Some weird guy from some freak show finds his place in the world, and a way to be useful to the society.
The spot, winner of a Golden Lion at Cannes Lions 2007, has been realized by The Vikings (Bjoern Ruehmann and Joakim Reveman) at Paranoid US, previously here with their work for [...]

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FAITHLESS – I Won`t Stop

Mr. Néant changes the world!

Monsieur Néant (Mister Non-Existent) is changing the world into a magical wonderland, by absorbing everything negative he finds and turning it into magical and beautiful things.
I Won’t Stop is a track produced by Faithless (Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and Rollo) for the 2007 M5 campaign by Coke.
The music video has been [...]

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Smirnoff: Signature

A visual account of Smirnoff history.
The spot has been directed by Edouard Salier at Paranoïd Projects. Visual effects: Def2Shoot. Sound design by Gary Walker at 750mph. (Source: ‘boards)
Creative agency is JWT in New York.
Racconto visivo della storia di Smirnoff.
Lo spot è stato diretto da Edouard Salier presso Paranoïd Projects. Effetti speciali: Def2Shoot. Progetto del suono [...]

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