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Qua – Devil Eyes

Here’s another sprite animation by Paul Robertson. It reminds us that we’ll live forever in the heart of those who loved us. And/or that ultra violence and ultra cute characters mix very well.

Qua is electronic musician Cornel Wilczek. Devil Eyes is a track on his 2007 album Painting Monsters On Clouds.

The video is available in the two flavours: the official release (4 minutes) from external links, and the extended version (6 minutes) from my server.

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The film, as well as the music, is the work of Andy Martin. Visit his blog for a post about the making of the video with several extra clips.

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Tiger Beer: Taste it in this life

The spot has been directed by Jesse Warn and produced by Jack St. Rose at Film Construction.

Creatives: Mike O’Sullivan, Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, Cameron Harris, Tom Hazeldine and Toby Talbot at Saatchi and Saatchi.

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WWF: Knock-on Effects (Dominoes)

“While going about his daily life, Colin has concerns of his own that he wants to express. By the simple act of writing, Colin and others like him can have a far-reaching impact on the wider world.”

Wyld Stallyons worked in collaboration with directors Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux to produce this animated video that is currently featured on the WWF site.

Creative agency: Bostock and Pollitt. Music: Paul James at Wafer Audio.

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Adelaide Airport: Panda Venture

They’re wild!
They’re mysterious!
They’re the wild and mysterious panda bears!

Win a trip to China and save the pandas from extinction! No? Ok, get extinct with them, then!
A television commercial featuring 1950s Fleischer styled 2D animation, produced at PRA.
Directed by: James Calvert. Advertising Agency: Jamshop.

Vinci un viaggio in Cina e salva i panda dall’estinzione! No? Allora estinguiti [...]

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The Pandas – Belly of the Whale

Il triangolo no, non l’avevo considerato…


And here’s the reason for “every endangered panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground”.
Not really. I’m just reading Pigmy right now and felt like quoting Palahniuk.
The Pandas are an instrumental band out of Worcester, Massachusetts, and comprised [...]

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Pizza Hot!

If the world ever needed something to discoutage pandas from procreating, well, here it is!!!
Good Breeding is a short movie written, directed and animated by Alex Berry while studying at the RIT.
The music was created and produced by Unique Tracks, and features and excerpt from Décembre: Noël (December: Christmas) from Les saisons (The Seasons) [...]

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Kung Fu Panda: Dream Sequence

There is no charge for awesomeness…

The uber cool intro sequence for Kung Fu Panda, “designed and laid-out at Dream Works Animation under the direction of Jen Yuh Nelson with Production Designer Ramone Zibach and Art Director Tang Heng“. Animation was then made at James Baxter studio.
Kung Fu Panda was directed by John Stevenson and Mark [...]

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WWF: How to Save the World

For a living planet.

When it comes to climate change, some people just don’t wanna listen. But maybe they’ll have a look at this simple animated short movie…
Design, animation and direction by: Jon Yeo and Maria Sandström. Written by: Rafaela Perera and Ravi Karawdra.
Quando si parla di cambiamento del clima, certa gente proprio non vuole [...]

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Nice and little short about Chupu, a nice little bear, and his nice and little daily routine.
The director is Ali Taylor and she’s signed at Sherbet. Ali likes to experiment with new types of media, developing strong mystical styles that captivates the imagination. She won the Award for a first film at Annecy 2005 with [...]

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In Flatlife, hanging a painting on the wall becomes a quite hazardous operation, houses of cards seem subject to Murphy’s Law, doing the laundry requires special skills in the field of ethology, and watching TV turns out to be a life-threatening activity. (The last one is true in real life, as well…)
The short animated movie [...]

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