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…as the Tibetan Book of Dead says.

Tired of lazy tastebuds? Has boiled cabbage taken over your world of food? That same old, stale, flat, Monday-morning odor no matter how many dimes you put into your stove? DeK changes all that; DeK wakes up food flavor, puts hearty taste back where it belongs, and restores fine food smell.

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COPARCK – A Good Year for the Robots

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

First of all, let me thank Wouter Stoter (the director, with Daniel Bruce, of the video) for the patience with which he dealt with my geeky whims; and for the clip. And a big nod to Obtusity’s Imran.
And now, let’s get on what is likely to result the best video [...]

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All Gates Open

Some time in the future, some city in the world. A man become aware of his own nature: he’s a robot, his reality being just a software on a micro punched tape. The robot will then start to modify the tape…
The plot is based on the short story The Electric Ant by Philip Kindred Dick, [...]

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