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Into a deep dark world we fall,so dark that we can’t see at all…

Darkness and light conjure a claustrophobic metaphore of our existence in Ori Ben-Shabat’s latest piece called BOXeD.
Voice over (and more) by Mike Tate. Produced at Spy Films.
Luce ed oscurità evocano una claustrofobica metafora della nostra esistenza nell’ultimo di Ori Ben-Shabat, intitolato BOXeD.
Doppiaggio [...]

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Like an eggWaiting to hatch.

Liquid fun? I guess it’s a lot easier to ship it canned, ain’t it?
Anyways… Byaskfop is a short visual piece by Ori Ben-Shabat set to a piece by Lithuanian musician Gediminas Ivankevičius.
Ori Ben-Shabat is represented by Spy Films.
Divertimento liquido? Immagino sia più facile da mettere in lattina.
Comunque… Byaskfop è un breve [...]

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ORI BEN-SHABAT – Piece of Mind

This is the VFX reel of Ori Ben-Shabat, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
But far from being a series of shots to show the world the last features of the 3D image processing softwares, Piece of Mind focuses on a concept, and a good one, and develops it thru its length.So, let’s call it [...]

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