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Axe: Rise Up

The spot has been directed by the AB/CD/CD trio and produced by Elsa Rakotoson at Frenzy. Director of photography: Nicolas Loir.

Creatives: Sebastien Partika and Edouard Olhagaray at Buzzman agency. Creative director: Georges Mohammed-Cheriff.

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We Got Time: Making Of

All the animations seen in the music video were created in camera. No stopframe techniques, or computer super-imposing was used; what you see is what rolled off the camera.

The animations in the side-on views were produced by the camera capturing the moving reflections from the mirrored carousels, and the animations in the top-down views were created by matching the cameras frame rate to that of spinning record.

The transitions between each section of animation was created by simply cutting or wiping between the bits of footage.

The music video is the work of David Wilson. Behind the scenes video by Tom Kingsley and Tim Keeling.

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WE ARE OM – Chop Cup

Follow the red ball through the hole and down until you get to wonderland. And if you find Alice, please remind her to take the blue pill.

Chop Cup is an amazing piece of visual trickery, directed by the We Are Om collective and produced at Studioset.

Director of photography: David Lee. Music and sound design: Alin Flaidar.

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DAX NORMAN – Prelude to a Symphony (In Sweeatch)

An animated optical illusion by Dax Norman based on his Vincent Van Gogh poster. Music by @Deetlareet.

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