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The Red Kites – I Don’t Wanna Work

I Don’t Wanna Work is a song by indie rock band The Red Kites, based in London.

The music video has been directed by Edward Copeland and Lee Williams. Animation by Rob Birchall.

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Phoneheads – Roll that Stone

papa’s on his knees‘cos he can’t tell the wood from the trees…

Sometimes I feel exactly that slow… Than I realize it’s not me: it’s just my bowel.
The Phoneheads are Philipp Maiburg and Michael Scheibenreiter, a drum and bass duo from Düsseldorf, Germany.
Roll that Stone is featured on their 2005 album entitled Buddy Language.
The music video [...]

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Orba Squara – Gravel

We can spend all day just hanging around.

Enjoy a relaxing bicycle between the green trees. You can leave your head on, but you’re not required to…
Orba Squara is the stage name of New York based singer and songwriter Mitch Davis. Gravel is on his first full length album, Sunshyness, released in 2006.
The video has been [...]

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HERRELOSE – Rundt og rundt

Around and around.

Around and around and around and you always end up in the same shit. As always…
Here’s an brilliantly executed (especially if you consider the 3750 € budget, but even if you don’t…) music video, shot in one take. No editing whatsoever.
Herreløse is a Norwegian hip hop band, comprised of Kverulanton, Mister, Apati and [...]

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