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Turin Brakes – Sea Change

And at the end of the day, all that’s left is ashes and an empty bed.

Turin Brakes are a modern folk duo, comprising Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, hailing from Balham, London.

Sea Change in the first single off their newest album, entitled Outbursts and just released for Cooking Vinyl CD.

The music video has been directed by Harry Dwyer and produced at 2AM Films.

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More 4: Ken Russell Season

The spot shows recreations of scenes from from films by the controversial British director Ken Russell.
It has been directed by Siri Bunford and produced by Louise Oliver in house at Channel Four.
Editor: Xavier Perkins. Director of photography: Bob Pendar-Hughes.
Creatives: Ben Edwards and Siri Bunford. Art Director: Adam Zoltowski.
Lo spot mostra il rifacimento di scene tratte [...]

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AGDA National Awards 2008

Warning: Contains cruelty to Adelaidians and their egos.

As it seems, Adelaide is a great place if your looking for lesbian nuns and pedophile priests. And junk food.
It is also the place where the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) held the annual awarding ceremony.
This opener for the 2008 event has been made completely in house by [...]

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Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Raintears

And in another placeyour kiss would dry my face.Each passing field and treeseparates you from me.Raintears are all I see.

Things would be different if my will to believe was stronger? I doubt it…
Scala is a youth choir in Aarschot, Belgium, roughly sixty teenage girls, conducted by Stijn Kolacny and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on [...]

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Svelte – Grind Your Bones

HD Video available in the underneath links

Paper. Scissors. Rock!
Svelte is a band formed by two former members of Supergroove, Tim Stewart and Ben Sciascia, with drummer Jamie Woolright.
Grind your Bones is their debut single.
The music video was made by the band members using “a DV video camera, a colour printer, paper, scissors and a digital [...]

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Nuns with Guns

Your soul demands you watch this movie!

They’re not on a mission from God, I guess…
Nuns with Guns is a fake Grindhouse fake trailer which may eventually become an actual feature, who knows…
The author says: “Planned over a few days, shot over a weekend, edited over three evenings after work. I used Celtx in a [...]

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