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Philippe B – Je n’irai pas à Bilbao

Are we more than just blood and flesh, bones and skins? Who knows? Not me. And not that this video is gonna tell you.
Je n’irai pas à Bilbao is a song featured on Taxidermie, the latest album by Philippe B, previously here with Archipels.
The music video has been directed by Gabriel Allard-Gagnon and produced [...]

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Young Galaxy – Come and See

HD Video available below!
Is it coincidence or connection?

We live in a world where too much people which is not afraid to push the red button, and not out of courage. They’re just dumb enough to not realize what they’re doing.
Young Galaxy is a Canadian indie pop duo, whose members are Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless. [...]

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SOCALLED – You Are Never Alone

And frankly there is nothing so unusual about being a jewish cowboy.

If a piece of your mind needs some fine tuning, there’s nothing better than good old “do it yourself”. Just try not to mess with the unconscious mind…
Josh Dolgin, AKA Socalled, is a Canadian rapper and producer, known for his eclectic mix of different [...]

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