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Paavoharju – Uskallan

Rather strange video, this one, sort of a condensed geological history of Earth. So much going in so little time.
Paavoharju is a Finnish musical collective of lutheran Christians formed around two brothers, Lauri Ainala and Olli Ainala.
Uskallan (Dare) is featured on their second album, entitled Laulu Laakson Kukista (A Song about Flowers of the Valley) [...]

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Alien Robots Orchestra – Indigo Moon

Don’t know if this is some strange mating ritual or just the ordinary night time routine of some parallel universe.
Alien Robots Orchestra is the musical joint project by François Elie Roulin and Joanna Swan.
The music video has been directed by Cyprien Nozières and produced at Dans la cible.
Non so se sia qualche strano rito [...]

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