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Mr. Wizard: The Legend of Speed

This is the ancient legend of two of the great Malfi ancestors. The two elders travel a great distance to perform their rituals and summon the great spirits all to create a single spool of thread.

This exhilarating amount of weirdness is the work of Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III from Friends with You and of Julian Pablo Manzelli, done for Nike Lab in 2002.

Director of Photography: Andres Sanchez. 3D and Special Effects: Jonathan Garun. Sound Design: Mariano Dabini.

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Sigg Jones

When the heavy weight champion wrestler Sigg Jones drinks a strange Powerdrink, he loses control of himself unleashing all the good he had. His Agent will have to set him straight…

A short film from some time ago, directed by Douglas Lassance, Matthieu Bessudo and Jonathan Vuillemin, as their final work at Supinfocom.

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Nike Jordan: Nightmares Never Sleep

The basketball court becomes the theater of a horrific scene when Dwyane Wade goes berserk and out of control.

The spot has been directed by Adam Berg and produced by Emma Wilcockson at Smuggler. Editor:
Paul Hardcastle at Whitehouse. Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder. Post Production: MPC. Creative agency: W+K.

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Nike: Conversations from the Inside

The clip, starring Nicola Sanders, is one in a series of fives online films made for Nike Women in 2008. And the moral of the story is: just because you can’t jump it doesn’t mean you can’t win.

The spot has been directed by Nieto and produced at Paranoid US. Director of Photography: Antoine Gallais Billaud. Sound: X-Track. Post Production: Digital District. Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

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Exploit Yourself

By yourself, you couldn’t catch a limping snail!

“Exploit Yourself talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it. Who said life at the city was placid?”
The fictious Nike commercial has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch. Animation and visual effects by Big Lazy Robot.
The song is The Big Gundown by The Prodigy, cover [...]

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Be the Legend: Legend of Phoenix

Just be it!

You can do anything. (In your dreams.)
A 3D animation created by GIANTsteps (a Korean studio) and FX Gear for Nike’s Be the Legend campaign.
The main character is modeled after Park Ji Sung, [...]

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Nike: Wind is a Part of Me

“This promo is about wind that lives, helps and drives us inside.”
Directed and animated by Andrew Muratov at GR8 Production. Art director: Sergey Golnikov. Additional computer graphics: Maxim Meshkov.
Sound design: Marcelo Baldin at Combustion. Creatives: Sergey Golnikov, Viktor Zvegincev, Andrew Muratov.
“This promo is about wind that lives, helps and drives us inside.”
Directed and animated by [...]

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Footlocker: Spotlight

Are you ready for the spotlight?

“Striving to achieve greatness, our hero runs while the city sleeps. No matter what obstacles life throws in his path, he never slows down in his pursuit.”
Directed by Mixtape Club, that is Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa. Executive producer: Michael Feder. Producer: Greg Bedard.
Creative agency: Nitro Group. [...]

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Nike Plus: The Human Race 10K

Post-it notes people run on the windows of a store to boldly go where no man and blablabla…
Directed by Antonio Balseiro at Gazz and based on his previous work, Pixsale.
Director of photography: Santiago Melazzini. Music by Minivan. Animators: Carli Balseiro, Ale De Lamas, Pleii and Monroe.
Post production: Carli Balseiro, Pleii and Rafael D’Andrea. Executive [...]

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Joga Bonito: The Chain

Can I kick it?Yes, you can!

A (not exactly recent) Nike campaign made for the United States market, another attempt to make soccer more palatable for the American tastes.
The spot is the work of Honest. And yes, is the same trick used more recently by Google in their Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video. And yes, [...]

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Nike: The Next Level

U can has it?

A cool clip for Nike Football featuring soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Materazzi, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney.
The spot has been directed by Guy Ritchie and produced at Anonymous Content. Creative agency: 72 and Sunny.
Visual effects by Chris Badger, Giles Cheetham and others at The Mill. Editor: Robert [...]

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The Art of Speed: One Step Ahead

Some of us have their own rhythm, we just can’t accord on other people’s rhythm. We gotta run.
The short has been written, directed and animated in 2004 by Stefan Nadelman. It’s great how everything, except for the running man, looks almost inanimate.
The short is part of The Art of Speed, a production of Nike [...]

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Nike: Leave Nothing

An amazing spot released online some time ago, a celebration of the will to go on, no matter what. Or something like that.
The ad was directed by Michael Mann (Ali, Heat, Manhunter and also producer on The Kingdom) at Alturas Films for creative agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.
Editor: Haines Hall at Spotwelders. Post production [...]

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Nike: The Line

There’s a line we all have to cross.

I was preparing something special for tonight, but I’m still not ready.
In the meanwhile, here’s a cool spot produced at Psyop and Blacklist, directed by Cisma and featuring the NFL player Troy Polamalu. Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.
Preparavo qualcosa di speciale per stasera, ma non sono [...]

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