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There is a Light and it Never Goes Out

And if a double decker buscrashes into us,to die by your sideis such a heavenly way to die.

Nobody moves, nobody movesAnd no one gets hurtIf nobody opens their mouthWe have nothing to worry about…
Here’s the major project by Joe Gaffney from his studies at the National Centre for Computer Animation of Bournemouth University.
Actor: Luke [...]

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AHMAD HABASH – Red Feather

Better video available in the underneath links

“A young girl and her cat find a red feather on their way. They wonder where does it come from and whom does it belong to.”
A very simple story told in a very simple style. Maybe I’m looking for simplicity, as of late. As Wikipedia says, simplicity can mean [...]

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Robots are “dancing to pounding electronic music” in this short film by Peter Ocampo, final year project from his course at Bournemouth NCCA.
Nothing that you haven’t seen before, but still there’s something to see here.
The soundtrack is Hooligan Spirit by Hybrid, courtesy of Distinctive Records.
Robot “danzano al ritmo martellante della musica elettronica” in questo corto [...]

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“When faced with her upcoming thesis project at Bournemouth University’s National Centre for Computer Animation, student Talli Peled found herself inspired by the idea of party animal balloons.
“She had set out to create a humorous piece and started by imagining a classroom where the teacher and students had balloons for heads.
“Using a mixture of live [...]

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It seemed like any other day…

One day, for no apparent reason, a stranger starts tapping with a stick on the leg of a man, following him everywhere, in every moment of the day. And the night.
This short by Joel Green was featured on FPS huge round up of Siggraph 07 movies, and on Ticklebooth. Since [...]

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IAN MACKINNON – Un amour mobile

Qual piuma al vento…

The way to love can sometimes be hard, full of obstacles… even non euclidean! But it’s always rewarding, isn’t it?
Un amour mobile is Ian Mackinnon’s Batchelor’s Degree graduation film, produced at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University.
“The look of the film was intended to emulate a style of 1920’s [...]

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All Gates Open

Some time in the future, some city in the world. A man become aware of his own nature: he’s a robot, his reality being just a software on a micro punched tape. The robot will then start to modify the tape…
The plot is based on the short story The Electric Ant by Philip Kindred Dick, [...]

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MATT MORRIS – The Other Side

A bi-dimensional man is living in a flat, colourless world, made up of newspaper pages. One day, he’s enticed through a gap in a fence into a colourful 3D world. However, all is not as it seems…
Matt Morris has been a freelance animator. Now he’s at Studio AKA, where he worked on The Big Win [...]

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You grabbed my handand we fell into it,like a daydream or a fever

An animated short movie with a first person view. We see the afterwards of a nuclear explosion through a backward narration.
I like how the author used and composed several elements to achieve a realistic yet stylised look in the first half of the [...]

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Short Lived

Short Lived is a short film created by University of Bournemouth students Jonny Galloway and Mark Wainwright.
The film follows the journey of Deedar, the toy robot of a collector. Deedar is being called to the mothership for a trip home.
Maybe a little self indulgent, the movie is still a good work, with a perfect mix [...]

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DON PAN – Conehead

Slow! Mind that child!

It’s been a very hot day. That’s why Conehead, our hero, is chasing a runaway ice-cream van. Or maybe not?
Conehead it the final graduation project of Dan Pan, a student of the Bournemouth University’s NCCA.
“The main idea was to get a very staged look to the environment with different layers and a [...]

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