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Zeus – Marching Through Your Head

The video documents the journey of the band’s boots up to the peak of the mythical Mount Olympus in search of the Greek God of the sky, Zeus.

Zeus was born from the musical friendship of Toronto based musicians Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson. Marching Through Your Head is the first single from their first full length album, Say Us.

The music video has been directed by Alan Poon and Adam Makarenko and produced by Jared Lorenz at Humble.

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Marching Through Your Head: The Making of

Directors Adam Makarenko and Alan Poon discuss the making of the video for Marching Through Your Head.

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Lumber Jack’s Wood Feast

The short film was made at Buck for as an entry in the F5 Re:Play Film Festival held in New York City last year.

Creative Director: Ryan Honey. Art Director: Christopher Lee. Music and Sound Design: David Kamp.

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Consumerism! The Musical

Let’s sing and dance with this short film from our regular guests from Whitestone Motion Pictures, “a satire and celebration of the culture we live in.”

It’s funny how you can at the same time empathize and feel aversion towards the main character. Kind of how I feel at myself usually.

Consumerism! The Musical was directed by Brandon McCormick. Music by Nick Kirk and Billy Wilkerson. Starring: Justin Carter.

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Modest Mouse – King Rat

Much has been said about this video, conceived by Heath Ledger but left unfinished, in the preproduction phase, when the actor and director died. What else could I add? Well, a random quote from the Hamlet.

The video has been completed at The Masses, where Ledger was signed as a promo director, by co-director Daniel Auber, lead animator Norris Houk, animator Jade Taglioli and producer Sara Cline.

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Samsung G800: How we Met

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble.

Not the latest spot, but a great one. The story of your love is written on your skin. Or something like that.
The spot has been directed by Jake Lunt, created and produced at The Viral Factory. Producer: Patrick Duguid. Editor: Jamie Foord.
Animated by Pat Beirne at Spy Pictures. [...]

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