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Qua – Devil Eyes

Here’s another sprite animation by Paul Robertson. It reminds us that we’ll live forever in the heart of those who loved us. And/or that ultra violence and ultra cute characters mix very well.

Qua is electronic musician Cornel Wilczek. Devil Eyes is a track on his 2007 album Painting Monsters On Clouds.

The video is available in the two flavours: the official release (4 minutes) from external links, and the extended version (6 minutes) from my server.

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Coalition Of The Willing

Coalition of The Willing is a film that discusses how we can use new Internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change.

The film has been directed and produced by Knife Party, written by Tim Rayner and crafted by a network of 24 artists from around the world using varied and eclectic film making techniques.

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EPA: Creatividad

A spot for Brazilian design school EPA, produced at Vetor Zero and directed by Nando Cohen. Creative team: André Godoi, André Gola, Dulcidio Caldeira, Luiz Sanches at creative agency Almap BBDO.

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Mothership: Crescendo

Pierre Michel lets the music play in his presentation video for Mothership. By the way, this video is available in Full HD.

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SMART Technologies: The Magical Classroom

A brand film made by We Are Plus for Smart to launch their new Love of Learning campaign. Director: Judy Wellfare.

Music and Sound Design: AWZ Digital Studios. Editor: Renato Sorbara at AWZ. Prop Construction: SodaPasta. Advertising agency: Sharpe Blackmore.

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Xcentric: Arrebatado

Xcentric is an organization that pursues the conservation and distribution of experimental cinema through the CCCB in Barcelona. They organized an exhibition of spanish experimental cinema in Spain called From Ecstacy to Rapture, 50 years of the other Spanish Cinema.

The trailers for the six sections of the exhibition have been designed and directed by Dvein.

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Music Max: Summer

Where music lives

The funny characters from the first Where Music Lives are back: “a rollicking ride through the streets lands them in the heart of Summer at Bondi.”
The spot reunites the team who worked on the first installment: director Ben West, character animator Geoff Valent, lighting specialist Ben Malter…
The song is Life, Love, & Laughter [...]

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Sing Up: Tone

La La La La…

As he finds his voice, Tone gains confidence and grows his musical stem and flag. Yes, it’s always about dimensions…
The spot was directed by Steve Small at Studio AKA for creative agency AMV BBDO.
Sing Up is a charity which aims to encourage kids in involving with singing and music.
Appena trova la [...]

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Sonata in Motion

“It all began as a way to find sponsors for Eva Ledesma, an exceptional triathlete who is, at the same time, a great pianist.”
Sonata in Motion “follows the natural flow of triathlon, showing the contrast between this extremely demanding sport and the delicacy of piano playing.”
The movie was shot in four days with a [...]

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Music Max: Where Music Lives

Let me live ‘neath your spell,Do do that voodoothat you do so well.

“Emotional moments trigger music notes to fall from the sky [...] and then turn into hearts.”
The spot was directed by Ben West at Sydney Film Company; director of photography: Nicola Daley; producer: Nicole Crozier.
Rendered by Geoff Valent and Ben Malter at Blah [...]

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MTV: Birds


Nice student project developed by Gareso, a Brazilian graphic designer currently studying at the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. He also did the music.
Progetto scolastico di Gareso, un designer brasiliano che attualmente studia presso la Media Design School di Auckland, in Nuova Zelanda. Gareso è anche autore della musica.

as seen on mograph


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Little Dragon – Twice

Thought I had an answer onceBut your random ways swept me alongColossal signs so I got lostWith so many lovers singing soft.

What do you expect to find at the end of your journey? What if you’re going to see your dreams realized? What if this scares you to death? What does this has to do [...]

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MARTIN SCORSESE – The Key to Reserva

…a secret experiment in filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese tried something never done before: the restoration of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a movie that has never been made… Or maybe not.
In fact, as you should know by now, it is just a sophisticated commercial for Freixenet. I tried to get a better quality version of this, but [...]

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Zurich Chamber Orchestra: Roller Coaster

Great emotions.

This commercial for the brings Mario Paint Music System on a whole new level. In facts, it brings it on the rollercoaster!
No credits available.
Questo spot porta il sistema musicale di Mario Paint al livello successivo. In effetti, lo porta sulle montagne russe!
Nulla si sa sugli autori.

via Tickleboothclip found on Coloribus

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Roller Coaster da [...]

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