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God of Small Things

They were strangers who had met in a chance encounter.They had known each other before life began.

Looking thru a microscope could really make your omnipotence mania grow larger. Tho’ it might also prove you’re not omniscient.
God of Small Things is beautiful short film, the work of Chris Abbas and Sumit Seru of the elo | [...]

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KEITH BEARDEN – The Raftman`s Razor

Chaos is the soul in which truth grows.

Two geeky teens escape the boredom of their existences thru the oddly uneventful exploits of a comic book antihero perpetually floating in an inflatable raft. (Source: Resfest)
The movie has been directed by Keith Bearden based on a previous script for a feature length movie. The two guys are [...]

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MUM – Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins

And summer will make good for all our sinsif we only wish it hard enough

Marc Craste is the genius behind the world of Pica Towers, whose chronicles count, by now, three short shorts that you probably seen before (I link to them in my usual link heap, just scroll down in case), and Jojo in [...]

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