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MTV Switch: Green Song

You don’t have to be green… to be green!

Yeah, so just paint it green…
A new spot in the MTV Switch campaign, directed by Michael Ressinger and produced by Martin Klauder at Rokkit.
Creative agency: 180 Amsterdam. Creative Director: Sean Thompson. Art Director: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason. Copywriter: Stacey Lee and Hal Kirkland. Agency Producer: Sandra Durham.
Post production by [...]

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MTV Switch: Pet Penguin

Global warming: no fun for man.No party for penguin either.

“A look into the future shows how penguins are handling their new duty as the new man’s best friends…”
Another MTV Switch spot from last year. Directed by the No-Domain collective. Produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: Lowe.
“Uno sguardo al futuro mostra come se la cavano i pinguini [...]

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MTV Switch: Trees Breathing

Trees can’t reduce CO2 emissions alone.

And after the suicidal animals, I couldn’t help but posting this spot where “trees are shown panting heavily to visually demonstrate the effect of increased carbon emissions on the environment.”
It is part of last year MTV Switch campaign. Directed by Pistachios collective and produced at Blacklist. Creative Agency: Lowe Worldwide. [...]

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MTV Switch: 3650

Global warming tipping point

According to this spot, and some scientists, there are about ten years before the effect of our CO2 emissions are irreversible. Only 3650 days.
The short has been directed and animated by the Ubik duo, for MTV Switch campaign. Ubik is represented by Not to Scale.
Creative agency: Ogilvy. Director of photography: Tim [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Defense Shield

Protecting Earth from our new enemy: the Sun!

Here’s the other half of the Ways to Protect the Planet series, made by 180 Amsterdam and Panda Panther for MTV Switch.
The first half is Chimney Sweep. Refer to that post for credits, or just read them here.
L’altrà metà della serie Ways to Protect the Planet, realizzata da180 [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Chimney Sweep

Protecting the Earth from our new enemy…

There are several suggestions about how to stop global warming: some are simple, some are crazy. These spot covers the latter…
“Who can combat the proliferation of green house gas? The Airforce, armed with a deadly weapon: a giant cork!”
Part of the MTV Switch campaign, the Ways to Protect the [...]

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HEIN MEVISSEN – Rocket Bros.

Moving to another planet is not an option.

Follow our goofy rocketeers, Tom and George (Matt Jones and Brian Jack) while they try to reach for a distant shore to call it their new home.
Rocket Bros. is a funny short movie realized for MTV Switch, an ongoing campaign for environmental awareness. It sums up well the [...]

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