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JOAQUÍN COCIÑA – Weathervane

Weathervane is an animated short film comprised of seven parts. The animation is made from charcoal drawings based on design and characters by Judah Dadone and Joaquín Cociña.

The short film has been directed and animated by Joaquín Cociña and produced at Diluvio.

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The second short video of the series Lucía, Luis y el lobo (Lucía, Luis and the Wolf), follow up to the short video Lucía. The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera.

A short film by Niles Atallah, Joaquin Cociña and Cristóbal León of Diluvio Gallery. Voice: Paula Florencia Navarrete.

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2010 US Census: Living Mural

The concept is simple: bringing a community to life through the visual works of one muralist. Doing it, that’s another story.

The spot for the 2010 US Census aimed at the Latin community is the work of Digital Kitchen. Creative agency: Global Hue.

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Living Mural: Case Study

Case study for Living Mural spot by Digital Kitchen.

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DIEGO AKEL – Lines and Spirals

An experimental animation created “with the technique of motion painting, in which successive changes are made in a single image, creating an animated painting.”

A short film by Diego Akel.

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BLU – Muto

Muto is an animated film by Blu produced at Mercurio Film. Assistant: Sibe. Music: Andrea Martignoni.

The title plays on the Italian word muto which means both mute and mutate (as in “I mutate”).

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