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Yeasayer – Madder Red

We witness the final day of Bommel, a creature that looks like a fuzzy egg and lives with Kristen Bell in Mar Vista, California.

Yeasayer was previously here with Wait for the Summer. Madder Red is the third single from their album Odd Blood released on February 2010 for Secretly Canadian.

The music video has been produced at Streetgang and directed by Andreas Nilsson, recently here with Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland.

Director of photography: Stöps Langensteiner. Editor: Aaron Morris at Rock Paper Scissors. Special effects: Don Lanning and Ryan Thompson.

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Axe: Rise Up

The spot has been directed by the AB/CD/CD trio and produced by Elsa Rakotoson at Frenzy. Director of photography: Nicolas Loir.

Creatives: Sebastien Partika and Edouard Olhagaray at Buzzman agency. Creative director: Georges Mohammed-Cheriff.

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DAVID KING – zzzZombies

Do you know when you feel tired on monday morning, your arms dangling, the head titled to one side, you walk by little steps without a clear idea of where you’re going. Like a zombie. Then imagine how it feels for a zombie!

A nice animation created with an overhead projector by David King. The music is a version of Varshaver Freylekhs performed by The Klatsh.

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As I said, I oughta be lucky guy, since I never cared about my hair, short or long that it was. But if you do, then you might easily empathize with the guy in this short film.

Wild Wind is a Flash movie, directed by Leonardo Campasso, who is part of the Vurup collective which brought us Insert Coin.

The music comes from Mario Bros and Pac-Land. Additional music by Queshi and Eddsworldtom, from Newgorunds.

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The Summerlad – City of Noise

“Referencing Magritte, Alice in Wonderland and surrealism in general,” the video follows “a man as he competes against different realities of himself for a magic treasure chest.”

City of Noise, by Canadian band The Summerlad, is originally a 40 minute, mostly instrumental, piece, composed in 2005 and released with this shorter single version in 2007.

The video, starring Trevor Campbell, has been directed and edited by Mitch Barany.

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And Everything Was Alright

They say when you have a broken
heart, there isn’t much you can do…

Bear finds out that when the world you live in doesn’t fit you, the right way is not to settle for compromise, but bravely looking for a new world.
And Everything Was Alright is a cute short movie by Robert Kilman and Safwat Saleem [...]

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Archangel – Do it Again

In the morning you go gunningFor the man who stole your waterAnd you fire till he is done inBut they catch you at the border….


Follow the ludicrous adventures of a tiny post it man. (Yes, I just wanted to use the word “ludicrous”…)
Do it Again, a cover of Steely Dan’s song, is a single by [...]

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MTV – Wake Up: Bumpers

Very very short blips, part of a broadcast package made for MTV. Made me hungry.
Directed by Tomas Garcia and produced by Fernando Sarmiento at Peppermelon.
Brevissime animazioni, parte di una serie realizzata per MTV. Fanno venire fame.
Regia di Tomas Garcia; prodotto presso Peppermelon da Fernando Sarmiento.

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica MTV Wake Up Bumpers in alta risoluzione [...]

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ALE CAMARGO – A noite do vampiro

Mas nem doeu!

“A vampire tries to sleep, but a terrible predator approaches.” It’s interesting that vampires go to sleep after their morning rituals.
“Action, german expressionism and brocolli pizza”, in A noite do vampiro (The Night of the Vampire) an “award-winning short film by Alê Camargo.”
Soundtrack by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gioacchino Rossini and Georges Bizet.
Un vampiro [...]

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Katsue – A Pickled Sunday

Sunday morning in a jarLike a pickled embryonic czar.

The shadow of a mundane monday breaks into the lazy sunday of a disaffected salaryman. Or maybe it’s the opposite?
Katsue is Montonn Jira and Joni Anwar, a pop music group from Thailand.
The music video has been directed by Rupert James and produced at The Human Eye Corporation.
Written [...]

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Danko Jones – King Of Magazines

My heart is on my sleeve.

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up… No, it’s just all fun and games! So, join Mimi Wobbly and her friends.
Danko Jones is a rock band from Toronto, Canada. Members are: Danko Jones, JC AKA John Calabrese and Dan Cornelius.
King of Magazines is a single taken from their [...]

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JONATHAN BAAB – Shmuli`s Dream

Shmuli (David Bestock) wakes up with the music. But it doesn’t come from the radio.
A short film directed by Jonathan Baab and produced by Eli Rosenblatt founding member of Picoso.
Shot and edited by Jonathan Baab. Story and music written by Eli Rosenblatt. Music recorded by Michele Khazak.
Musicians: Benjamin Gown, Ben Krulewitch, Beth Fleenor, Shawn Weaver, [...]

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Bring: Morning Routine

Finding New Ways

TAG: Tutti i post su Bring.
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Morning Routine.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 45 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Morning Routine.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 45 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Morning Routine.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 45 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda [...]

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Dexter: Opening

Takes life. Seriously.

The morning rituals of a serial killer…
“This series revolves around Dexter, who is a forensic analyst for the Miami Police Department. Unknowing to his colleagues he is also a serial killer with good intentions.” (Source: zDistrict)
The title sequence was made at Digital Kitchen and won the Emmy Award in 2007.
Creative director: Eric S. [...]

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Phoneheads – Roll that Stone

papa’s on his knees‘cos he can’t tell the wood from the trees…

Sometimes I feel exactly that slow… Than I realize it’s not me: it’s just my bowel.
The Phoneheads are Philipp Maiburg and Michael Scheibenreiter, a drum and bass duo from Düsseldorf, Germany.
Roll that Stone is featured on their 2005 album entitled Buddy Language.
The music video [...]

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