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ANTANAS SKUCAS – Nebaigta pasaka

A visually imaginative short movie inspired to Colony Collapse Disorder, a poorly understood phenomenon involving the massive die-off of a beehive.
Are we perhaps condemned to the same fate as the poor little insects? Only time will tell, but this short will give you a hint.
Nebaigta pasaka (Unfinished Story) is the work of the Lithuan artist [...]

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MANGO CHI – The Drawer of Memory

This really, really, really deserves a better quality clip than this one. I tried to contact the author, but still got no answer. If and when In case I’ll get one, you’ll be the first to know!
It’s the tragic story of “an old woman who stays in the Memory Tower and has a drawer within [...]

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Polar dans la ville 2007

Maybe not a great concept (or I just don’t get it) but it sure looks good! And there’s some good old Ludwig Van, too!
The author is Pierre Michel.
Magari non un gran concept (o magari sono io che non c’arrivo) ma di certo fa effetto! E c’è anche del dolce dolce Ludovico Van!
L’autore è Pierre Michel.

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