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The Dead Pirates: Wood

Warning: nudity.

The animated band members embark in a surreal musical journey, with heart stopping surprises.
The Dead Pirates is the band of Matthieu Bessudo AKA McBess, also animator director at The Mill.
McBess and Simon Landrein directed the video. Additional animation: Mooe. Rigs: Douglas Lassance AKA Asterokid. Visual effects and sound effects by Guillaume Cassuto.
I membri del [...]

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La legende de la pierre qui tourne

Some tales can never be forgotten…

Whew, I spent half day on a movie (finding, encoding, uploading and cursing) just to find out, at the very last moment, that the clip had the wrong aspect ratio. You may not care, but I do. I’ll work it out soon, don’t worry. And now…
Another short from Supinfocom Promo [...]

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