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Reverie Sound Revue – You Don’t Exist if I don’t See You

When she has to adventure in the messy Fabric Land, a seamstress wishes away her studio clutter until she can exclaim: I created a monster!

Reverie Sound Revue is a Canadian indie pop group. You Don’t Exist is a single taken from their debut album, released for Boompa Records.

The music video has been directed by Jesse Ewles and produced at Vision Films. Production design: Exploding Motor Car.

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Cours Toujours

Sometimes you’d be better if you didn’t catch the bird you were going after.

Cours Toujours is a short film created and directed by Elise Garcette and Olivier Barré and produced at La Station Animation. The song is entitled Ooups, the band’s name being Pilöt.

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La casa azul – La nueva Yma Sumac

La Casa Azul is a Spanish pop band, the musical project of Guille Milkyway. The music video has been directed and produced by Cocoe.

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Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

The music video has been directed by Shynola and produced at Black Dog Films and The Directors Bureau.

The idea is old — ranging from James Blackton to Stefano Bertelli, not to mention those who accused this video of plagiarism — but the execution is fresh.

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The Greek Crisis Explained, Episode 3

The short film is the work of the team at Greek studio Nomint: Marilena Vatseri, Manos Gerogiannis, Christos Lefakis and Yannis Konstantinidis wrote, directed and animated.

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The Ghost in You – Losing Light

A piece of animation that was entirely done with Flipnote on a Nintendo DSI. The music video has been directed and animated by Billy Polard. Who incidentally is also the man behind The Ghost in You.

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Crash Karma – Fight

Soviet-era poster propaganda comes to life in the music video for Crash Karma’s Fight, directed by Yurie Rocha and Joel Tellier at Guru Studio.

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Round 6

Round 6 shows an excerpt from the personal story of Snap, a Fragball gamer, as he plays out his last round of the game. The short film has been directed by Dave Levy and produced at Snowball Studios.

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Round 6: Making of Edit

Making of Edit for the short film Round 6 by Snowball Studios.

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The Head

The Head is an animated phantasmagoria that reminds the golden era of hand drawn animation without being a direct homage to that style, but rather pursuing a style of its own.

The film is the work of Matias Vigliano AKA Parquerama and Dante Zaballa AKA Podoboo. Sound design: Ariel Gandolfo AKA Nicholas van Orton.

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Industrial landscapes, bird flocks, sparkling tires. This short animated film is fast as hell and choke full of exquisite details. Try not to miss any!

All elements in the film, including the music, are the work of Shunsuke Saito.

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Homunculus is a short film produced at Humble, “the first of an annual series of experimental films by their in-house directing collaborative, Hydra“; direction by Sam Stephens and Chris Mauch.

The Hydra team assembled an entire still-life spread: fruits, cheeses, flowers, fish, and an uncooked pheasant. They then sealed it off in a 6×6 foot plexiglass box. Three cameras were set to shoot a frame every 5 minutes for 11 days.

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Galettes St Michel: L’Espace

A brave space cookie save the lifes of his cookie buddies when a space cookie monster comes apparently out of nothing.

One in a series of two spots directed by Ben&Julia; produced by Greg Panteix and Sylvaine Mella at Stink.

Director of photography: David Nissen. Post Production: Nightshift. Sound design: Tranquille le chat. Agency: Australie.

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A short tale, a strange forest where time is stopped, a young girl, a magic watch, and the guardian of this petrified world.

Mon(s)tre is a metaphorical tale told by five students of Lisaa: Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Charles Schneck, Anthony Le Saoût. Music: Joséphine Stephenson.

The film (whose title plays on the French words for clock and monster) blends beautiful 2D and 3D animation with a clockwork storytelling. Enjoy, possibly more than once to appreciate the amazing quantity of details.

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Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom

Happy Kingdom is a spot for Coke directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Debbie Crosscup at Passion.

Creative agency: Ogilvy Argentina. Creatives: Gastón Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean.

Crew at Passion: Jason Nicholas, Neil Riley, Julian Hodgson, Mario Ucci, Doug Lassance, Kevin Dart and many more…

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