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HD Video available in the underneath links.

Well, the plot of the film… “Plot? It doesn’t have a plot. It’s just a robot meeting many planets with different art styles.”
Graduation work by Antonio Vicentini to conclude his degree in Design “once and for all”.
Beh, la trama del film… “Trama? Non c’è alcuna trama! Solo un robot [...]

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Morning Star Farms: The Artist

Don’t be so dramatic…

And finally, the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile will be revealed tonight! Maybe.
This spot has been directed and animated by Yellow Shed’s Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim. Thank you guys!
Finalmente il segreto del sorriso di Mona Lisa sarà svelato stasera! Forse..
Lo spot è stato diretto ed animato da Todd Hemker e Soyeon [...]

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JOAN GRATZ – Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

A great piece of claymation, where the works of more than thirty famous artists is merged together and morphed into each other. “A tour-de-force that compresses the history of modern art into seven minutes” according to the New York Times.
“Joan Gratz invented the animation technique known as clay painting. Working directly under the camera with [...]

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