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1000 Times No

This short animation is a promo for the book 1000 Times No by Tom Warburton, published by Harper and Collins.

It was made by Mr. Warburton and Dave Rasura and produced at Curious Pictures.

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Rapa Nui

The short movie – the work of Florian Belmonte, Chloé Bonnet, Cyrille Chauvin, Gaëlle Diot and Eleonora Marinoni, students of LISAA – offers an improbable as well as picturesque explanation for the moai monoliths, the giant stone heads to be found on Easter Island.

I’m about to read about the rise and fall of the Rapa Nui society in Jared Diamond’s Collapse (great book, so far) but it’s nice to see the story from a different point of view.

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