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MK12 – History of America

God Bless America.

Turns out that all you know about the United States of America has been made up. Except for James Brown’s Living in America in Rocky IV…
MK12’s History of America is here to set the record straight and tell the epic struggle between the Astronauts and the Cowboys…
The movie is half an hour long, [...]

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Man of Action: The Terrible Cosmic Death

Will our heroes, Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America and Suki Kung Fu Gogo Morning Star Perfect Assassin, prevent the evil plan by their arch enemy The Tha Mad Misunderstood Professor Evil Maniac to have place and destroy America(?) with his Super Positronic Metaraygun… and eventually have sex together?

This short by MK12 was linked in the post about Icarus on tween, as an earlier example of narritive using motion graphics.

The style is quite different from the movie by Adam Swaab, sort of a kitsch spyxploitation movie, if something like this exist or ever existed… Yes, it does.

MK12 (Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Matt Fritchman) is currently represented worldwide by The Ebeling Group.

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