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Pop-Tarts: Flavorhood

The spot has been directed by Naomi Nishimura and Jonathan Garin, and produced at Panda Panther. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.

Director of Photography: Carolyn Taylor. Music: Joel Corelitz at Waveplant. Sound design by Steven Vandeven at Static Studios.

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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Cloud”

Mr. Happy finds his little friend being rained upon by a cloud. Turning his clay body into a ladder, Mr. Happy’s generosity allows for his friend to climb up onto the cloud and get out of the stormy weather.”

Spot for Coke, directed by Zoe Wishart and produced at Psyop.

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Coca Cola: Mr. Happy in “Suit”

Some fake claymation from Psyop. More coming. Can’t get the name of the song…

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