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The Meth Minute 39: 8-bit

Press A to cock block

“Episode 33 of The Meth Minute asks the question: what if the entire cartoon series so far had been a 1980’s video game?”.
8-Bit specialists Ben Ross (visuals) and Niko Anesti (music) were asked to step in and explore this scenario.
“L’episodio 33 di The Meth Minute si pone la domanda: e se [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Japandering

Is indescribable!!!

Japander: (noun) a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use. (See: prostitute.)
And this is what this episode of The Meth Minute 39 is all about: japandering.
The short has been directed by Dan [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Mike Tyson`s Brunch Out!!

You might want to cover your ears for this one…

In the fifth installment of Federator original series, the hipster brunch scene meets the 8-bit Nintendo rage of boxing icon, Mike Tyson.
The short is as usual the work of Dan Meth. Additional art by Joshua Jularbal and Josh Weisbrod. Audio design by Mark Vitelli. Devin Clark [...]

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