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Under the gleaming, lifeless sprawl of an alien dystopia, a desperate top-secret experiment is taking place. A machine is built to travel beyond the depths of space and time. It finds a primitive dimension and a planet whose inhabitants seem to have been expecting it.

This is the short film version of the music video for the track Kananana by The Emperor Machine (Andy Meecham). The original version can be found here.

Written and directed by: Cassiano Prado. Stop Animation: Guilherme Marcondes. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of photography: Peter Emery.

Production Companies: Agile Films and Mixer Brasil. Sound Design: Kieron Teather AKA Wolfson at Element Audio.

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Look at the big picture, then at the small picture, and find the five differences. Mem is a branded short for Blackberry produced by Ilija Brunck at Polynoid, for creative agency Kult Singapore. Directors: Jan Bitzer, Csaba Letay, Fabian Pross, Ilija Brunck.

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Fictionist – Blue Eyed Universe

A team of explorers embark on a mission in deep space, travelling through areas no man has been before. The music video is the work of director and animator Eric Power at Clear Productions.

The Fictionist is a band from Salt Lake City, USA. Blue Eyed Universe is a song from their second album, entitled Lasting Echo.

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JAVIER CHILLON – Die Schneider Krankheit

“The Fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country…” This amazing documentary by Überblick Films follows humanity’s struggle to find a cure and survive.

No need to say that Die Schneider Krankheit (The Schneider disease) is actually a mockumentary, and none of the images in the film are archival footage. But I’ll say it, just to be sure…

The short film has been written, produced and directed by Javier Chillon.

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Helix is a motion graphics piece integrating typography and illustration. It is the work of Bradford Gyselman, a student of the DMT at the Red River College.

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God of Small Things

They were strangers who had met in a chance encounter.They had known each other before life began.

Looking thru a microscope could really make your omnipotence mania grow larger. Tho’ it might also prove you’re not omniscient.
God of Small Things is beautiful short film, the work of Chris Abbas and Sumit Seru of the elo | [...]

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ERIC TOSSTORFF – (r)Evolution

This is Eric Tosstorff’s 30 seconds film for the Ed-Ward 2008 Short Film Competition. The topic of the contest is Planet Earth.
The film shows the evolution of the Earth, and how we [...]

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