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PERSONAL: Segui pensando

Keep thinking.

A phone call with a girl is getting longer and longer,while she tries to make her mind. The guy enjoy, though.
The spot has been directed by Lemon at Rebolucion for creative agency Draft FCB.
Director of photography: Christian Cottet. Art director: Vera Aricó. Editor: Patricio Pena.
Post produced at Metrovision. Music by Supercharango.
Una telefonata ad una [...]

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Rexona: Musical

Another post I did on M&C. Only 20 clicks, uh… Nobody likes musicals anymore?
That’s what it is, an urban musical packed in 40 second, but complete in its shortness. The message is: live without minding the bacteria.
The commercial was directed by Armando Bo and Baby at Rebolucion. I posted Father and Daughter just yesterday.
Music by [...]

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MTV: Father and Daughter

Papá, como nací yo?

Warning: Not Safe For Work!!!
The cute daughter of a rock star asks him how she was born. So he tells her…
The commercial was directed by Armando Bo and Luciano Podcaminsky at Rebolucion as part of the campaign Don’t Kill the Music.
Postproduction by: Metrovisión. Sound by: La Casa Post and AnimalMusic.Same campaign, same [...]

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