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Potapych: the bear who loved vodka

Why… Why is it easier to make friends than to keep them?

This short movie, directed and written by Darren Price, produced by Nicola Black, is one of the four animations made for the Channel 4 Mesh program in 2006.
I’ve posted about the whole bunch of movies on Ticklebooth some time ago, and about this short [...]

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KWOK FUNG LAM – Eat Dog Cat Mouse

The new shorts for the fifth edition of Mesh are out! This is my personal pick, written, designed and directed by Kwok Fung Lam.
Eat Dog Cat Mouse is a frantic tale of revenge and relentless eating. Before Mouse finds a way to delicious cornfield, it’s eaten by Cat, with dire consequences for the food [...]

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JOJI KOYAMA – Watermelon Love

Tonight I’ll be your watermelon love…

Sensual, and vaguely disquieting, one of the four short movies selected for Mesh, year 2004.
Joji Koyama (Also Known As Woof Wan-Bau in the the commercial and videoclip world) got backgrounds in live action movies. Recently he began working in animation, and won the British Animation Award 2004 for [...]

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