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Q&A: World Builder [Warning: Spoilers!!!]

Q: There was a short movie which takes ib a hospital. There was a sick girl and her life depends on machine. But her boyfriend creates a new world for her and wants to show her. What was that short movie? Where is it?

A: The movie is World Builder and can be seen on No Fat Clips!!! as well as many other websites.

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Meebo Functions

The Meebo Me widget is working again. Many thanks to the Meebo support for promptly solving the problem. Obviously, the pending messages are gone forever.

Il coso di Meebo Me funziona di nuovo. Un grosso grazie allo staff Meebo per la pronta risoluzione del problema. Ovviamente, i messaggi in giacenza sono andati perduti.

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Meebo Malfunctions

The Meebo Me widget is working bad, if at all. I’m not getting messages, I don’t even see people online. (Even when nobody’s online, I should at least see me…)

I’m leaving it online for the support staff to test, but you’d better not use it. You can get in touch with me in dozens of other ways (Twitter, MySpace, Vimeo…) I’ve never used Twitter a lot, but I just installed Echofon, a Twitter client for Firefox, so feel free to tweet me.

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Meebo Randomness

It was a lot of time I didn’t open my Meebo account. I’m giving here the most compelling answers, and deal with clip tips later.
“I LOVE LESBIANS“. It’s OK: if you’re a woman, then you’re lesbian too. If you’re a man, well, that’s more common than you might think: the question is whether lesbians love [...]

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The old new Meebo

The guys at Meebo worked hard to find a new scalable solution to run their growing network, and it seems they made it.
So, if you tried to contact me in the last two weeks, it’s very likely that your message never made its way to me. Try again. Now everything should work fine.
Lo staff di [...]

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How to Waste a Day

For the dudes that tried to meebo me. Sorry, I left in a hurry leaving my PC on, and logged in. My bad.
A total waste of time, by the way…
Mi scusi chi ha provato a contattarmi via meebo, ma sono scappato dopo pranzo lasciando tutto accesso.
Una completa perdita di tempo, tra l’altro…

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re: meebo (AKA No Fat Clips IM)

When you try to contact me with that gizmo:
1) Please, use a nickname, even a “fake” one.
2) If it says I’m not connected, it means I’m not connected. You can leave a message, and I’ll find it when I connect.
3) If it says I’m connected but you’re not receiving any answer, I’m probably away from [...]

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