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MATO ATOM – Lost Below

Lost Below is a short animation by Mato Atom from some years ago, whose fascination resides partly in its undetermination: even though the matter of the film it’s not apparent, one seems to grasp it in an almost unconscious way.

The music is Lost Below by Clinton Francis AKA ISol. The album, All the Pretty Things, has been released under a Creative Commons license.

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MATO ATOM – Headache

Not today, honey.The recession gave me headache.

As stated in another short movie (Docking): make astro physics, not wars.
Headache is a fun and keen little film created by Mato Atom for DAHRA and Amnesty. The original post also points to Palestine is Still the Issue, a documentary film by John Pilger.
Music by Nine Inch Nails from [...]

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Champions (Remembering the New World Order)

Champions come and gobut the new world order stays.
Thank you for the beautifulnever-ending years.

Mato Atom visualized a football match between the world’s most powerful men, Tony Blair and George W. Bush, against… well, ourselves, those who don’t belong to the elite.
Dick Cheney is the cheerleader. Between the spectators: Hillary Clinton, Pope “Darth” Ratzinger, Bono, our [...]

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Belvedere: Meteor

Thrown like a star in my vast sleepI opened my eyes to take a peepTo find that I was by the seaGazing with tranquility.

Many thanks to Mato Atom for the link to his latest work, where you learn that by getting drunk with Belvedere Vodka, you can see half-naked women walking on water and many [...]

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Siemens: Building Blocks

Turning dreams into reality.

Stuff is flying thru the air to achieve innovative solutions and show how pervasive technology is.
The piece was directed by Psyop’s Marco Spier and Mass Market’s Chris Staves. Designers: Mato Bilic and Jonathan Garin. The editor was Gary Knight at Final Cut.
The ad is available in a 30″ and 60″ cut.
Roba che [...]

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Motley Bird: Kama Saga

A viral video for an energy drink I posted on M&C some time ago, as Pollinating Birds.
An avian ballet that may have sprung from the sexually charged paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. (Source: Stash 28)
The commercial, conceived by Third Skin agency, has been directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier at Psyop, based on illustrations by [...]

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Coke: Doggy

This spot “stars a burping, scratching, farting mutt full of bad attitude and filthy teeth. His whole body exudes NO! literally.” But then he founds a bottle of Coke.
Doggy is part of the Coke Side of Life campaign, ideated by agency Wieden + Kennedy.
It was produced at Psyop and directed by Mato Bilic. The song [...]

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