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ANTHONY PENTA – You Ruined Everything

You Ruined Everything is the story of the morbid aftermaths of a morbid love(?) relationship. Combining a grotesque setup, an unreal photography and a non annoying voice over (a touch of Dexter, I’d say) the film manages to be funnily disturbing. Or disturbingly funny.

Starring Arthur Simone, the short film has been written, directed and edited by Anthony Penta at Pentaworks.

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Terminal 11 – The Bird`s Midair Heatstroke

Objectionable contents! Viewer discretion strongly advised.

“A lonely fellow is watching a plane in the sky. Suddenly a cheerful bird attracts his attention, which marks the beginning of a dramatic relationship, bringing us straight to the origin of all creation.”
Terminal 11 is electronic musician Mike Castaneda from Phoenix, Arizona. His music can be found on Cock [...]

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V. VILLANUEVA – Heterosexuales y casados

Mi hermana y Charly se conocieron de pequeños.Nosotros vivíamos en el 1A y ellos en el Bajo B.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are the past. The new thing is autosexuality: being a couple with yourself.
This is the net result of the story Maripaz (Carmen Ruiz) will tell us, the story of her sister Tere (Guadalupe Lancho) who [...]

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Eighteen Seconds

Every second of our lives is the result of an equation.
Some call it fate.

A man (Jack Daniel Stanley). A woman (Amy Waschke). That special day.
The short movie has been directed by Zac&Mac (Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor), previously here with Similo, based on a story by Jack Daniel Stanley. Original music by Aaron Marshall.
The short [...]

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FICTION COMPANY – Maps and Measures

Today is your day

“Immersed in a solitary life, Frank is finally lifted out of his rut. Today is his day.”
The Fiction Company is an indie band from Los Angeles, California, made up by Joey Valdepena and Bobby Rodriguez.
Maps and Measures is their first first album, just released for MRG Records.
Yes: it’s one video for an [...]

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