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The Moulettes – Devil Of Mine

It’s hard to resist temptations. Especially when you see no reason to do so. Not that this has something to do with the video…

The Moulettes is a folk band from Brighton, London, comprised of Hannah Miller, Ruth Skipper, Ollie Austin, Roberto Arcari and Georgina Leach.

Devil Of Mine is featured on their first album entitled, as you might have guessed, The Moulettes and released on August 2010.

The music video has been directed and edited by Thomas Goldser. Director of Photography: Anka Bogacz.

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Ramona Falls – Russia

Ramona Falls is the indie rock project by Brent Knopf, one-third of the band Menomena. Russia is a song from Intuit, the 2009 debut album.

The music video has been directed by Cullen Hoback. Editor: Kelly Brickner. Production Coordinator: Dave Lowensohn.

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Boy – Joey

A music video animated and directed by Fluorescent Hill.

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Talkdemonic – Duality of Deathening

Talkdemonic is an avant-instrumental folktronic duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro.

Duality of Deathening is a track from their 2008 album entitled Eyes at Half Mast and released for Arena Rock Recording.

The music video is the work of Orie Weeks III. The middle part is inspired to the famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn.

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Populous ft. Short Stories – The Holy See

Populous is Andrea Mangia, born in Sogliano Cavour, Italy, and currently signed at Morr Music.

The music video has been directed, edited and post produced by Francesco Brunotti.

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Panic Girl – Burn And Rise

Panic Girl is Martha Plachetka, musician, producer, singer and sound designer from Munich, Germany. Burn and Rise is a track on her debut EP of the same name, just released for Shady Brain.

The music video has been directed by Reza Dolatabadi and produced by Paula Lacerda Bird and Amy Dowling at Flaunt. Director of Photography: Ben Cowie.

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Kisses Over Babylon

In the second part of SALVO!, Edward (Alex Ebert) is arrested by two Minors (police from Ursa Minor, played by David Strathairn and Stephen Mendillo) for the murder of his own father, and taken to a water-labor prison where he reunites with Brother (Orpheo McCord) his long-ago friend.

The music video was directed by Isaiah Seret and produced at The Masses. Director of photography: Eric MacIver. Visual effects: Benjamin Kutsko.

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Goat the Head – Darwinian Minions

Goat the Head is a death metal band from Trondheim in Norway. Members are: Per Spjøtvold, Ketil Sæther, Kenneth Kapstad and Trond Frønes. Darwinian Minions is a single taken from their debut album, entitled Simian Supremacy and released in 2007 for Tabu Recordings.

The music video has been produced, directed… presumably everything-ed by Helmet.

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TAKEUCHI TAIJIN – Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Fight for the things you love. Run after them, do all you can to get their very heart. And in the end you and them will be one and only thing.

This amazing stop animated short film is the work of Takeuchi Taijin: photos are shot, rearranged to compose the frame, and then photographed again.

I’m using the word photomation to point out those shorts that use this same technique, like PEN Story and Photo Finish.

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Flying Lotus – Infinitum

A young archer tests her skill by shooting an arrow at the moon. To her dismay, the moon falls from its perch and into a turbulent sea.

Music video directed by Daniel Garcia and produced at Concentrate and Bent. Director of photography: Zak Mulligan.

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And Everything Was Alright

They say when you have a broken
heart, there isn’t much you can do…

Bear finds out that when the world you live in doesn’t fit you, the right way is not to settle for compromise, but bravely looking for a new world.
And Everything Was Alright is a cute short movie by Robert Kilman and Safwat Saleem [...]

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So What – Keep on Running


The pied piper of Hamelin has come to town. And this time he’ll take a lot of prisoners.
So What is a new band from Netherlands who recently collected $50,000 through SellaBand, making it possible to record their first professional CD, entitled Tiptoes.
The music video has been directed by Jelmar Hufen and produced by Maarten van [...]

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Assassin`s Creed 2: Death in Venice

As for your mother,once I’ve dealt with you,I’ll give her my full attention.

New rule: picking on respectability of some dude’s mother is a bad idea if you’re the character of a game cinematic. (See also: Team Fortress)
Also: Venice is probably a beauty when it’s not full of tourists. Now: when is it not full of [...]

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Sicché, dateme licenza,graziosa e bella audienza.

A story of love, honour and vengeance between earth and sea. A stop motion fantasy based on Lo Guarracino, a Neapolitan toungue twisting song of the 18th century.
A short film directed by Michelangelo Fornaro. Produced by Silvana Leonardi and Vincenzo Di Marino.
Director of photography: Antonio Grambone. Editor: Davide Contessa.
Cast: Lello [...]

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Mogwai – Batcat

Innocence is merely a red herring.

Deceptions can be appearing.
Batcat is an EP by Mogwai, released on 8 September 2008 through Wall of Sound, three weeks prior to their album, The Hawk Is Howling, which also features the track Batcat.
Mogwai formation: Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns, John Cummings.
The music video has been directed [...]

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