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KURICORDER QUARTET – Ojiisan no 11 kagetsu

WARNING: Earworm!!!

It seems that film makers are more able than scientists to find loops in spacetime…
The Kuricorder Quartet is a Japanese poly instrumental band, which performs mainly on the recorder. According to the Excite translator, it is formed by Masami Kurihara, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Kenji Kondo and… Barrier Island?
Ojiisan no 11 kagetsu is featured on their [...]

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SOUR – Hangetsu

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This is the hand,the hand that takes…

Masashi Kawamura (who sent me the video. Thaaaaaanks!!!) works as copywriter and art director at BBH Tokyo agency. One fine day, he should have waken up with the idea of realizing a video all by his own hands.
And that’s exactly what he did. And I mean… literally. [...]

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