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Puppets against Brisk: Dojo

Karate Kid meets Bruce Lee. Who will win? And, above all, how?
The director is Ken Lidster. His graduation movie, Balloon, was posted one month ago.
Posts related to Bruce Lee: Mars Delight commercial by Acne.
Karate Kid sfida Bruce Lee. Chi vincerà? Ma soprattutto, come?
Regia di Ken Lidster, il cui progetto di laurea, Balloon, è stato postato [...]

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SQUAREPUSHER – Come on my Selector

One night, in the “Osaka home for mentally disturbed children”, a young girl with amazing kung fu skills (the role is played by Sumire Fujimoto) takes over the asylum.
Squarepusher is the performing pseudonym of Thomas Jenkinson, a British electronic music artist (born in Chelmsford, Essex) signed to Warp Records. You can read more about [...]

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Mars Delight: "Bruce lee"

A delicate version of a classic.

Commercial for Mars, realized by Acne. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Check out the version with Conan, too.
Spot per Mars realizzato da Acne. Direttore della fotografia: Crille Forsberg.
Date uno sguardo anche allo spot con Conan.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bruce Lee.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Bruce Lee [...]

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SHAO GUEE – Haruwo

Dying is the worst kind of fuck-up.

In a violent post-apocalyptic Japan, a reckless juvenile delinquent named Haruwo takes on the yakuza, but their new bouncer may be more than he can handle… Over a year in the making, this half-hour short was entirely the work of one person, even the music! Haruwo animator Shao [...]

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