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Nexus One: Ninja’s Unboxing

Three ninjas unbox the new cellphone from Google the way they know better. Reminds me somewhat of International Karate +.

The spot has been directed and animated by Patrick Boivin. Sound and Music: Eric Pfalzgraf.

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Sigg Jones

When the heavy weight champion wrestler Sigg Jones drinks a strange Powerdrink, he loses control of himself unleashing all the good he had. His Agent will have to set him straight…

A short film from some time ago, directed by Douglas Lassance, Matthieu Bessudo and Jonathan Vuillemin, as their final work at Supinfocom.

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PATRICK BOIVIN: Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Hi-yah! Dragon whips his tail!

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man challenges Lee Jun-Fan AKA Bruce Lee: who’s the real thing?
But not everything is what it seems, and some other little friends will curtly join the party.
A stop motion shortie by Patrick Boivin.
Tony Stark alias Iron Man sfida Lee Jun-Fan alias Bruce Lee: chi è il vero [...]

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PATRICK BOIVIN – Condoms are Bad

Some people (let’s not say names: Pope Benedict XVI AKA Darth Ratzinger AKA Pope Vicious) says that condoms are bad.
What would Jesus say? And: what brand he’d use? That Jesus guy kicks ass.
A short stop animated skit by Patrick Boivin.
Certa gente (non facciamo nomi: Papa Benedetto XVI alias Darth Ratzinger alias Pope Vicious) dice che [...]

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Pendulum – Showdown

Blow this shit away!

Brainstorming session: “Hey let’s make a video with bitches fighting.” “PETA wouldn’t approve.” “Not those bitches!!!”
Pendulum are an Australian (now relocated in the United Kingdom) drum and bass group led by Rob Swire AKA Anscenic.
Showdown is a single taken from the 2008 album In Silico released through Warner.
The music video has been [...]

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One mission: to delete Commander C.

“A futuristic designer (code name: Z) infiltrates the mega-design corporation headed by Commander C. Z battles the designer drone army in a no-holds barred action thrill ride, packed with explosions, decapitations, and martial arts mayhem.”
A short movie made by Kris Wong, Daniel Chang, Michael Relth and Andrew Tan, students of [...]

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Say No More – Long Drive Home

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Well, we’re to the point that even filling a video with cliches on purpose is cliché. But if you grew up in the eighties you can’t help but giggle at this.
Say No More is a rock band from Salinas, California, comprised of Peter Pedrazzi, Peter Holbert, Jon Rasmussen, [...]

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Kung Fu Panda: Dream Sequence

There is no charge for awesomeness…

The uber cool intro sequence for Kung Fu Panda, “designed and laid-out at Dream Works Animation under the direction of Jen Yuh Nelson with Production Designer Ramone Zibach and Art Director Tang Heng“. Animation was then made at James Baxter studio.
Kung Fu Panda was directed by John Stevenson and Mark [...]

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San Diego Creative Show: Addy Awards 2008

Are you a contender or a pretender?

A martial arts instructional video and a trailer (and/or spot) for a festival (and/or showcase), all in the practical 30 second format.
Conceived, designed and directed at Digitaria. Produced and animated at Vacuum.
Video istruttivo sulle arti marziali e trailer (e/o spot) per un festival (e/o spettacolo), il tutto nel pratico [...]

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BBC Olympics: Monkey

Nell’Oriente misteriosoC’è un brigante generosoMonkeyCon le fide sue scimmietteDei potenti si fa beffeMonkey…

A retelling of the great Chinese classical novel, Hsiyu-chi (Journey to the West) who also inspired Osamu Tezuka’s Goku no daiboken and the characted of Son Goku from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball.
The spot has been directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced at Passion [...]

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Burger King: Kicking Chicken

Too much kick!

Some chicken must learn to master its martial arts skills before it can be turned into junk food and served at your nearest fast food.
The spot was directed by Warren Kushner (also director of photography) at Partizan US. Creative agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
Editing: Lawrence Young at Cosmo Street. Telecine: Company 3. Visual [...]

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AKAMA – Rapt Soda

The rats, the rats in the walls.

Our Coke overdose continues with this short movie where a rat will disguise as a brinjal to enter the matrix fridge and steal some refreshing soda to quench his thirst.
The short has been realized at Akama Studio, that is Alexandre Ada and Cédric Jeanne. They’re also responsible for [...]

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Smokung fu

There’s only one way to beat the urge to smoke. Yeah: kung fu! Turn ‘em to ashes… Wooops!!!
A PSA sponsored by California Department of Health Services. The spot was directed by Kevin Donovan (the director of The Tuxedo) at Form.
C’è un solo modo per battere la voglia di fumare. Il kung fu!!! Forza, riducile in [...]

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Finally a martial art short movie! And what a movie! The Green Hornet is based on the characters from a pulp series from the ’40s.

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Facing That Void uses a combination of puppetry and stop-motion animation to deliver a story of a woman haunted by the demons of hip-hop. Two devils emerge from a boombox and try to turn her into a marionette. (Source: The Private Dick Plog)
General Elektriks is the brainchild of Hervé Salters (also known as RV Salters [...]

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