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As I said, I oughta be lucky guy, since I never cared about my hair, short or long that it was. But if you do, then you might easily empathize with the guy in this short film.

Wild Wind is a Flash movie, directed by Leonardo Campasso, who is part of the Vurup collective which brought us Insert Coin.

The music comes from Mario Bros and Pac-Land. Additional music by Queshi and Eddsworldtom, from Newgorunds.

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KYLE DOWNES – A Short Visual History of Videogames

But my mum says I’m cool!

“A 3 minute long visual essay (or whatever you call these things) about the history of videogame consoles, from 1972 when Ralph Baer invented the Odyssey with Bob Tremblay, to the launch of the current generation of consoles and beyond.”
Kyle Downes‘ major project for 3rd year of his Bachelor of [...]

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Dookie Poo: What You`ve Become


Watch as Dookie Poo travels through some of the greatest classic arcade games of all time to save Chorocco Tofu.
The video has been directed by Manny Galán as part of the Dookie-Poo branding project, or whatever it is…
Music by The Montauk Project, that is Rich Albergo and Antonio Gabriele, from Long Island in New York, [...]

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GABE SWARR – What the Shell?!

Talking about morning rituals, here’s what happened to Mario (of the popular plumber duo Mario and Luigi) one strange morning.
The short film has been written, animated and directed by Gabe Swarr, who used to be animator at Spümcø.
Backgrounds by Toni Mora. Music by 8 Bit Weapon. The movie was made as an entry for [...]

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Mauvais role

HD Video available below.

I was looking for my post on this short and… well, for some reason I never made one. Well, actually I’m doing one now, so it’s not exactly never. It’s kind of never before now. Uhm, enough with paradoxes.
Marcel is the bad guy in a fantasy video game. Sick of his job, [...]

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Attack of the Magi

Game over.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Attack of the Magi.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 35 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Attack of the Magi.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 35 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Attack of the Magi in finestra.
WATCH: Guarda Attack of the Magi in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Hypa TV.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash

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Invisible Harleys

Vroom! Vrooooooom!

Jess Riegel and Michael Figge spent seven weeks of their lives to create this Mario Kart parody film.
A guy (Alex Afzali) and a gal (Gilli Nissim) find a better way to wait for the bus than keep sitting down…
The project was part of a Harley-Davidson viral video competition, an experimental class held at University [...]

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