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Lilica Ripilica: Espelhos

Spot directed by Denis Kamioka AKA Cisma and produced at Margarida Films.

To interpret all situations, twin sisters rehearsed to perform with perfection identical and inverse movements, in a choreographed dance.

Creative agency: OpusMúltipla. Visual effects: Ilegal FX. Director of photography: Pierre de Kerchove. Editor: Marcio Soares.

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CISMA – Le sens propre

Oh darling, please don’t eat the yellow snow.

A beautiful short movie where a girl (Mariana Emerick) and her mother (Bete Correia) live in a world where what you see is not what you mean. But still what you get.
Part of the campaign The Shortcut To Brilliant developed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Adobe Creative [...]

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Viver Design em São Paulo: Casa da bota

Second in a series of eight shorts made by eight Brazilian designers for the KM M MM event by Nöos.
Casa da bota (Boot House) was directed by João Simi and produced at Margarida Flores e Filmes.
Photography: Faya. 2D graphics: João Simi. 3D graphics: João Simi, Sérgio Yamasaki, Alexandre Gielman. Sound: Sonido.
Secondo di una serie [...]

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Black Thinking: The Fly and the Eye

Always expect the unexpected!

Even without Telepods, when flies mess with you, it might have weird consequences on yourself and the time-space continuum.
The first five short films produced at Boolab for the Black Thinking website. Motiono grapher also posted the second short called Scratch me.
The Fly and the Eye has been directed by Denis Kamioka AKA [...]

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